No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1127

As the gavel slamming was heard, the 100-year-old Sinomenium finally belonged to Jack.

A beautiful female server sent the Sinomenium to Jack and brought him to the counter for payment.

After they paid, a man walked toward Jack and his company. “Sir, the person in charge of this auction house sent me to inquire: Do you need anybody to escort you out? If you’re from another city, we’ll take you safely out of this city. Don’t worry; we can still protect your safety when you’re in this city.”

It was obvious that the auction house owner also knew that somebody who could simply come up with two billion for an auction was no average person.

Apart from that, it would affect the auction house’s reputation if anything happened to Jack and the others.

“Haha… Thank you for your kind gestures, but tell your boss that there’s no need for that. Leaving this city won’t be as difficult, in my opinion.” Jack laughed and rejected the man. He promised to help Shirley tomorrow, thus leaving the city was the last thing in his mind.

Wilton had started promoting his wedding ceremony with Shirley at that moment, and Jack heard people discussing it on his way here.

Wilton obviously did not plan to give up.

“Yes, Sir.” The man was evidently surprised at Jack turning their offer down, but he left nonetheless.

After Jack paid and bought another two items, the auction was completed.

“Let’s go!” Jack smiled as he led Lana and Ethan toward the door.

“Go, follow them!” The man named Mountain Tiger immediately led half a dozen of his subordinates as he followed behind Jack and the others.

“Sigh!” exhaled the old man on the auction stage when he saw how Mountain Tiger and the others followed behind Jack.

He obviously felt that Jack and the others would be fraught with grim possibilities. The people with the bigger fist had the most say in things; that was how the world worked.

Many people had made their estimation and they could not help but stare at the group of three after they left the auction house. They wanted to see if the people from the Green Dragon Clan would attack them.

Sure enough, Mountain Tiger and the rest surrounded the group of three after they walked some distance away.

“Oh no, those three are done this time!” blurted a person as the situation slowly escalated.

“Yeah. I saw the worker of the auction house ask the guy something just now, probably offering protection, but that guy turned them down. Beats me, what he’s thinking.” Somebody smiled bitterly. “These people from the Green Dragon Clan might not simply let them go, even if they leave the city.”

“Those three might’ve had a better fate had they robbed the herb from someone else, but nothing can be done since it’s Mountain Tiger. I wonder where these people come from as they don’t seem to know how terrible Mountain Tiger and the others are!” Somebody glanced at them with a pitiful look but did not know what to say.

“You’re rather bold, young man. You took what Brother Tiger wanted! Haha… I’ve seen daring people, but none of them are as daring as you!” A man smiled and looked at the group of three with a funny look on his face.

Another guy looked at Lana’s pretty figure from head to toe. “That woman’s pretty, Brother Tiger, and she has such a nice figure. Tsk, tsk! It’s not easy to meet a beautiful woman with such a face. Seems like it’s our lucky day today!”

Brother Tiger smirked and said, “We’ve hit the jackpot, everyone. Kill the men, and we can toy with this woman. What’s more, we don’t need to spend a penny on the hundred-year-old Sinomenium. Haha! We’ve gotten lucky, now that I think about it!”

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