No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1129

People were baffled by what they saw. Some of them originally pitied Jack and the others, thinking they were done for.

Nobody expected they could kill Mountain Tiger and the others within a few moves. They were so strong and did not hesitate to take action.

“Let’s go. They’re all just trash.” Jack smiled coldly as he looked at the bodies on the floor. He quickly left with the others.

“Bad news… Bad news! Master, Brother Tiger has been killed!” Not long after, a member of the Green Dragon Clan hurried back to the Green Dragon Clan.

“What?!” The Green Dragon Clan master and the others were surprised when they heard this. They immediately enquired about what happened and later learned that the group was killed because they got into a fight with others after a round of bidding at the auction house.

“F*ck! How dare they kill members of our Green Dragon Clan?! Find out what happened, and you have to find out who those three are!” The Green Dragon Clan master was so angry that his face turned pale. Mountain Tiger made countless contributions to their clan and was the most loyal follower.

His murder was like a slap to their faces.

The master’s subordinates soon started looking into the incident.

However, many people estimated that the other party would have left Soul City after killing Mountain Tiger. It was obviously difficult to investigate who they were.

News about the incident spread like wildfire; the death of Mountain Tiger from the Green Dragon Clan was obviously a huge incident. Many clans and aristocratic families soon learned about this.

Meanwhile, in the Lancaster family villa, Xavien went to Shirley’s room, his eyes reddened as he spoke, “Shirley, Wilton had notified many of the aristocratic families. He even notified some of the clans, and you can’t refuse to show up tomorrow… Your Dad feels so sorry for you; I should’ve listened to you from the start and not expand our businesses with the Norton family. Now that it’s such a huge problem, there are no other ways to end this. They wouldn’t have ways to threaten us if this did not happen.”

Shirley smiled bitterly. “Father, you’re being naive. Even if you didn’t expand your business and caused such big trouble, Wilton will still threaten me with your lives. Haha… He’s a complete bastard!”

“Perhaps if you didn’t find someone to agitate him, he might’ve not gone through such an extreme.” Xavien sighed and sat by the bed. He looked as if he had grown old in an instant.

“Father, you’re wrong again. I’m absolutely certain about what kind of a person Wilton is. This time, I can only say that me angering him only revealed his true nature early.” Shirley once again shook her head in helplessness and said, “If this didn’t happen now, it would happen sooner or later if I refuse to marry him. It’s only a matter of time before he forces me like this.”

“Shirley, I feel bad when you speak of it like this. I’m the one who’s incapable and failed to protect you! It’s my fault!” Xavien looked at his precious daughter and felt sad.

He had no idea that a slight smile would appear on Shirley’s face as she looked at the dark sky through the window. “Father, don’t worry. I believe that everything will turn better after tomorrow. Jack said that he would come to my rescue, and I believe in him. He’ll surely do as promised!”

“The young man will come and rescue you?” The corners of Xavien’s mouth slightly twitched. “Shirley, are you joking? What can that young man do? He dares to fight against the Norton family, a second-class aristocratic family? He must be lying to you!”

“Fret not, Father. He’s capable, and I believe that he wouldn’t lie to me. You’ll know everything tomorrow!” Shirley smiled and continued. “Alright, it’s not early, so you should get some rest. Jack has said that if Wilton dares force me into marrying him, he’d wipe out the entire Norton family and give the Norton family properties to us!”

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