No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1130

“What logic is that, Shirley? That guy must be lying to you. The Norton family is a second-class aristocratic family! Why would he offend such a powerful family because of you? Apart from that, there’s only three of them!” Xavien was taken aback when he heard what Shirley had to say, his eyes filled with disbelief. He did not believe that a man who met his daughter for the first time would offend such a powerful family for her sake.

Apart from that, he said that he would wipe out an entire powerful family. How powerful would he have to be to do that?

“Father, don’t you worry—he won’t lie to me. Ah, sad that he’s not interested in me, or I would’ve married him.” The corners of Shirley’s mouth slightly curled upward into a smile when she thought about Jack’s power, how they met, and his handsome face.

Xavien’s eyes widened, completely stunned on the spot.

Wilton had pursued Shirley for so many years, but she had always ignored him like the other young rich masters.

All of a sudden, she said she would marry a man she had just met the other day. How could that be? Did they not just meet?!

“Shirley, are you joking? Having a handsome face means nothing, and I can’t make out what the guy is capable of. Apart from his looks, he’s dressed quite normally, and he’s not worthy of your beauty, in my opinion,” Xavien suppressed his surprise and said to his daughter. “Apart from that, why is he not interested in you when you’re so beautiful? I think that he’s doing this on purpose, and he’s playing hard to catch!”

“Father, stop making assumptions and go to bed!” Unbothered to explain anymore, Shirley pushed Xavien out of her room and closed the door.

Shirley’s lips pursed as she went back to bed, muttering, “Sigh! This should be a story where the hero rescues the princess. Unfortunately, he’s not into me even when there’s such a nice storyline here. He’s a real blockhead! Can’t he just get another wife? This is so frustrating. I wonder who his wife is… Is his wife really prettier?”

The second morning, nobody expected the Norton family would send cars to pick Shirley up shortly after she woke up.

“W—What? The wedding cars are here, but where’s Jack?” Shirley could not help but frown worrisomely when she stood by the windows and looked at the cars by the entrance.

What if… What if Jack truly was not coming? Would she have to marry Wilton?

“Shirley, it looks like the person you mentioned, Jack, won’t be here to rescue you. That’s the Norton family we’re talking about, and he’s not brave enough to do it!” Xavien and Shirley’s mother, Alba Xuxa, had come up behind Shirley. The maid beside them had a wedding dress in her hands.

“Sigh… Shirley, we’re really sorry to do this. We are out of means, and it’s best if you change into the wedding dress. The cars are already here to pick you up.” Sadness loomed across Alba’s face. Being Shirley’s mother, she naturally understood what her daughter was thinking.

Apart from that, she had never liked the personality of that Wilton guy. She never thought he would force Shirley to marry him.

As everything was ready at the hotel, the wedding had to happen regardless.

“Father, I believe that Jack would come and save me.”

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