No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1132

Wilton released Shirley when he saw Xavien submitting to him and smiled. “Haha! Father-in-law, I was just joking with you guys. Look at how scared you guys are! Don’t worry—I’ll treat Shirley well after she marries me. She’s got a weird temper, but I’ll train her to be obedient. She’ll definitely obey me in the future.”

Wilton’s words bled Xavien and Alba’s hearts. If they were still hopeful toward Wilton previously, they were in complete despair at that moment. They knew that Wilton would not treat their daughter well.

“Let’s go. The wedding cars are ready, and it’s almost time for our beautiful bride to appear to the crowd!” Wilton had a triumphant smile on his face when he saw how effective his power displaying actions were. He pulled Shirley toward the cars with one hand.

“Let’s go.” Alba and the others secretly sighed as they tried to smile. The Lancasters followed and boarded the car.

Many people awaited the bride and groom in a six-star hotel.

Apart from the Norton family, many powerful people who were friends with the Norton family, the seven-star King of War, and people from several clans were attending the ceremony.

“I heard that Miss Lancaster had never liked Young Master Norton. Never thought she’d suddenly agree to marry him. Apart from that, the preparations for this wedding ceremony takes such a short amount of time. They only notified us yesterday, and the wedding happens today!” The master of a third-class aristocratic family could not help but say with a smile.

Another family master who was beside them looked around him and said softly, “What do you know? I heard that Miss Shirley never planned on marrying Young Master Wilton, and she was forced to do so this time. He forced her with the lives of her family members and their properties. Miss Shirley had no other choice. Although she’s somewhat arrogant, she’s a very filial child…”

“Truly? I had no idea that Young Master Wilton would use such methods. Sigh… Why must he do that? Even if that’s the case, will he be happy if Miss Shirley marries him?” The previous third-class aristocratic family master sighed after he heard this. He thought that he was here to attend the wedding, but the wedding seemed meaningless with what he heard.

“They’re here… They’re here!” At this moment, Shirley—who was in a beautiful wedding dress—stepped on the red carpet at the main entrance with Wilton, and they entered the venue under the company of others.

However, Shirley’s cold demeanor was visible, obviously rather unhappy.

“Haha…! Miss Shirley, today is the wedding day between you and my son, and the way that you’re acting doesn’t look good.” Ashamed with how Shirley was behaving, the Norton family master, Todd Norton walked toward them with a smile on his face. “This is your wedding day; who do you want to show your cold expression to?”

Shirley still maintained the cold expression on her face as if she heard nothing.

“Haha… Master Norton, this daughter-in-law of yours seems rather unruly. It looks like your son won’t be able to control her even after they’re married!” At this moment, a family master who was beside them started laughing. His jest caused many around them to start laughing as well.

Todd immediately felt extremely embarrassed as his face burned a crimson color. It felt like a slap to his face.

“Shirley Lancaster, I’d tread carefully if I were you. If you anger us, the Lancasters will be wiped out!” Wilton bent her head toward Shirley and reminded her when he saw the situation. “Woman, I’m telling you this: don’t ignore our goodwill in maintaining your honor!”

Shirley directly turned around and looked at Wilton distantly. “Wilton, Jack spared your life the other day, and that was a chance from him to you. However, if you don’t know how to cherish it, the people dying will not be from the Lancaster family, but the Norton family instead. He, Jack White, is no normal person!”

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