No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1136

Both Todd and Wilton collapsed directly onto the floor after they heard what Jack had said. Their faces turned grey and went pale from being frightened.

Step by step, Jack walked closer to them causing cold sweat to break across their foreheads. The aura of death pressed against them that they could hardly breathe.

“Bastard, come out and accept your death!” At this moment, a loud yell could be heard from the entrance. The voice was like a loud bell ringing and it slowly entered everybody’s ears.

“Who knew that there would be a demi-god level master in this Soul City!” Jack could feel that this was definitely a master of the demi-god level just by listening to the voice. Only a master of the demi-god level could do something like this.

However, a demi-god level was nothing in the eyes of Jack, who was already at the beginning stage of the real god level.

“It’s…it’s the clan master of the Green Dragon Clan. Oh my god, Jack has offended people from the Green Dragon Clan?” Xavien was immediately frightened when he heard this voice. The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced by a frightened expression.

However, nothing worried him when he thought about it. At least the Norton family masters and most of the bodyguards were dead. The rest must have escaped after they heard of the news. Only Wilton and Todd, who had no followers with them, were left behind. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to threaten Shirley into marrying into their family.

As for Jack, although he did a great favor for their family, it was not a loss for them if he died. After all, the person who offended the Green Dragon Clan was Jack and not the Lancaster family. He was sure that the Green Dragon Clan would not involve them.

“What? Green Dragon Clan?” Todd and Wilton, who were awaiting their deaths, grew excited when they heard that the people from the Green Dragon Clan were here.

They had no idea that Jack had offended such a powerful clan. The Green Dragon Clan was an extremely powerful clan in Soul City. It was obvious that Jack was suicidal if he offended them.

At this moment, Todd and Wilton saw the glimmer of hope for them to survive.

“These three are really strong but how did they offend the Green Dragon Clan?” Many people were also stunned.

“Jack, I heard that three people killed Mountain Tiger yesterday and members of the Green Dragon Clan were searching for them all over the place. Were they looking for the three of you?” Shirley, who already made everything out, could not help but walked two steps forward and asked carefully.

Jack nodded. “I originally planned to leave Soul City after helping you. I have no idea that the people of Green Dragon Clan would find us so quickly!”

Shirley frowned and apologized after she heard this. “I’m so sorry. If it wasn’t for what happened to me, you guys would have left earlier on and you would not have attracted so much trouble. I am the one who caused all these troubles for you guys!”

Jack smiled carefreely. “What are you talking about? I will fulfill what I promised you. Apart from that, so what if the people from the Green Dragon Clan are here? We are not afraid!”

“Haha… Young man, you’re really crazy to not be afraid of the Green Dragon Clan. Don’t you know that not only is the clan master, a master of the demi-god level, two other elders of the clan are also in the initial stage of the demi-god level!” Todd stood up and laughed loudly as he spoke. “You actually said that you aren’t afraid when there are three demi-god level masters together with so many grandmasters and martial artists? I’m telling the three of you that you guys are definitely dead today!”

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