No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1137

At this moment, Wilton also stood up and smiled arrogantly. “Jack, oh Jack… I’m sure you had no idea that Mountain Tiger, whom you killed, is a member of the Green Dragon Clan? You actually dared to not leave this place? You’re really daring! Haha… It doesn’t matter if I get killed by you right now. After all, you guys will definitely die together with me! Sigh, the gods must be looking after the Norton family for letting me know before I die that you’re going to die as well!”

“Haha… You were shivering on the floor like a rat who bumped into a cat just now! Who knew that you would start to act arrogantly again after a short while?” Jack started laughing loudly at this moment. “Don’t worry, I don’t need to kill you first. I will kill the people from the Green Dragon Clan before coming back to kill you. I will make you understand why you’re dying and who are the people you cannot offend!”

“Alright, young man! You said this!” Todd’s eyes lit up when he heard this. If Jack took action right now, he could totally kill both of them right now. Who knew that Jack would choose to kill the people from the Green Dragon Clan first. This guy was being too arrogant.

Maybe Jack would be killed first and then the both of them would be able to survive.

How could Todd be unhappy when he saw the chance to stay alive?

“Nonsense, are you the one who did this if it’s not me?” Jack smiled coldly and stared at him.

“Young man, you really are here. Two men and a woman…” Soon, a group of people entered and there were around two hundred people. They turned many of the tables over and emptied a large piece of land out.

The Green Dragon Clan master was stunned and stopped speaking halfway. “Aren’t you guys here to attend the wedding ceremony? It looks like you guys are here to cause trouble!”

“Clan master, it really is you!” Todd spoke in excitement when he saw the Green Dragon Clan master. “Clan Master Zell, this guy killed our people after he arrived here. You have to help us kill them!”

Wilton also whined as he complained. “Yes! Apart from that, look at this, our seven-star King of War was also killed by them. This King of War contributed a lot during the war and doesn’t it send chills down your spine when you learn that they’ve killed him?”

“Cut the crap. Do we need you guys to tell us this? This guy killed our helpful subordinate, Mountain Tiger so he definitely has to die!” An elder from the Green Dragon Clan stepped forward and looked at the three who were in front of him. “The three of you, tell me your names and we will make sure that your body is intact after you die!”

“Haha… Keep our dead bodies intact? That would depend if you are that capable!” Ethan smiled coldly after he heard this. He flipped his hands and a sword appeared.

Lana also smiled coldly and as she flipped her hand, a purple-colored sword appeared in her palm and it was shining softly.

Jack also took his black color dragon-shaped sword out and held it tightly in his hand. “There are many of them and we can save time if we attack with sword auras!”

“Haha… I’ve been alive for many years and this is the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant person!” The old man also took his sword out when he heard what they said. “Young man, Mountain Tiger is my grandson and I will kill you today to avenge him!”

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