No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1145

Lily burned with anger at the other end of the phone. “What happens if you fail? What if Jack gets away?” She bellowed.

Dean immediately assured Lily, “Don’t you worry. If we failed the task and let that brat get away, we won’t be taking a single spirited grass at all! But if we succeed, then you must give each of us three spirited grass, how about that?”

“No way! It’s too much. The best I could offer is two spirited grass per person!”

After Lily gave the matter some thought, she still felt that three spirited grass per person was a little bit too much. Besides, she was the First Madam, she should be respected. Dean was too insatiable right now. Lily had given him spirited grass before, and she did not expect that this time Dean had asked for three first-grade premium spirited grass instead.

“Oh, is that so? In that case, First Madam, I’m sorry that I couldn’t serve you this time.”

Dean sneered coldly and continued, “Yolanda and I returned in a critical period—when the weather has begun to turn cold. Moreover, we’ll be incarcerated in the ghostlike mountain top for two months and all this suffering is not even worth three spirited grass. So, I’m afraid that we’ll pull out from this plan!”

Dean understood the situation thoroughly. The current Lily was overpowered with hatred and anger that she could not wait to end Jack’s life in the next second. Hence, he knew that Lily would not want to miss such an opportunity—Jack left the main White residence.

Once she missed it, there would be no opportunity as good as this in the future anymore.

As expected, Lily was in a state of panic when Dean wanted to pull out of the plan. “Don’t, don’t! Everything is negotiable! Three spirited grass, I can give them to you, but you have to promise me to keep this a secret, okay?”

“Don’t worry, it’s safe with us!”

Dean smiled the second Lily agreed to their request. “Alright then, that’s the deal! First Madam, please be rest assured and wait for the good news!”

“Alright. I’m not too worry about the both of you, you two are powerful fighters who already reached the early stage of the true god realm. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge to kill that brat and his little friends. But please do keep a close eye while you’re waiting on the mountain! Don’t miss them!”

Lily nodded and only then did she hang up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Lily could not help but jeer icily, “Dean Lagorio, what a greedy fox! Yolanda didn’t even think about getting a reward, but he is sly and knows what to ask. Three first-grade premium spirited grass? Hmph!”

Dean, on the other end of the line, looked at Yolanda on the side and laughed, “Yolanda, don’t you think your brother is smart and great? I’m able to get a better deal with just one phone call. If we let the old hag Lily offer us, she wouldn’t make such an offer and two-spirited grass would be her limit!”

Yolanda gave a reluctant smile and said, “You’re indeed smart and great. The offer is indeed very tempting.”

“Hehe! You have to buy me a drink to thank me then! This is what I fought for you. You just stood aside and didn’t say a word!”

Dean paused for a few seconds and continued.

“You’ve said what I’ve wanted to say! What else do I have to say!”

Yolanda rolled her eyes at Dean before flying into the sky and said, “Let’s go, we have to speed up too, otherwise we might miss out on the other party if he arrived home today!”

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