No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1147

Dean said smilingly in an icy cold tone, “Do you not want us to be able to break through to the true god realm sooner? We’re masters who are considered relatively young. If we are able to break through, we’ll be promoted to elders in no time! Besides, Jack is destined to die, whether it’s killed by us or others. So don’t try to persuade me anymore.”

“Well, I just feel that it’s quite a pity for such an intelligent and talented person to die. After all, Nash White is a good leader, and he has always been good and kind to us. He didn’t treat us as outsiders at all!”

Yolanda peeped at Dean as she said, she was still fighting as hard as she could.

Yolanda was having inner turmoil lately because she truly did not want to see a fine and potential heir of the White family be murdered by them.

She felt especially sorry for Jack’s father. On top of that, she had also witnessed the greatness and excellence of Jack these days, hence she really admired and respected Jack from the bottom of her heart.

Lance was nowhere to be found right now, and nobody knew if he was dead or alive. If Jack died too, then no one would be the family head, by then internal war and fight over the position of the family head would be unavoidable. The White family took a lot to become one of the Eight Shadow Families, it would be such a waste to see it get ruined because of this.

At this time, three silhouettes appeared within their sight.

“There are three people over there. Look, two men and one woman. Heh! It must be Jack and his little friends!”

On a narrow and rough road, came a group of three, pacing slowly toward the direction of Dean and Yolanda. Dean shot up from the boulder with a happy look upon seeing the arrival of Jack and the others.

“It…it seems like it’s really them!”

A sheen of cold sweat appeared on Yolanda’s forehead—she was worried for Jack and his friend. She had prayed that she would not run into Jack and his friends so that they could live, but in contrast to her will, Jack and the others appeared not long after she and Dean arrived at the place.

“Yolanda, this is the will of God. Haha! We arrived and waited for less than half an hour, and they appeared! What does this mean? It means that this is the will of God! Hahaha! We can’t deny God’s will right? The blame is not on us this time!”

Dean laughed out loud. “They are like three walking spirited grass! Let’s go, Yolanda!”

Dean stomped on his feet and flew straight in the direction of the mountain foot as soon as he finished his sentence.


Yolanda, on the other hand, heaved a huge sigh of defeat, and then she followed closely behind Dean.

As soon as Jack and the two passed through a forest, they spotted Dean and Yolanda, who were standing in front of them, waiting for them.

“You guys are from the White family, right?”

Jack looked at the other party and halted immediately. “Oh wow! I didn’t expect someone to be waiting for us here!”

Dean, however, clasped his arms in front of his chest and jeered with a cold smile, “Young Master Jack, you’re quite observant, aren’t you? It’s only during the competition in the White family that perhaps you’ve seen both of us in the crowd. I didn’t expect you to recognize us as members of the White family!”

Dean stopped for a second before continuing with a confident tone, “Indeed, we’re from the White family, but our surname is Lagorio, now you know what’s the deed, right? We’re waiting for you here and you should know why we’re here.”

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