No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1150

It was a warm afternoon; Lily was ready to take a break.

Suddenly, Yolanda barged into her room at a lightning speed.

“Yolanda? Why are you here? Didn’t I call you a moment ago and ask you to wait at the mountain to ambush Jack and the others? What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re not satisfied with three first-grade premium spirited grass?”

When Lily saw that the intruder was Yolanda, she barked with an unpleasant tone.

Nevertheless, just as she finished her words, she noticed that Yolanda’s face was unsightly. “What’s wrong? Are you injured?” Lily fretted aloud.

Yolanda was gasping so loud as though she had a ruptured lung. She finally calmed herself down, sat down, and uttered, “I barely managed to come back alive. We were waiting for Jack and they appeared not long after…”

Lily’s face immediately lit up at the news. “What about Jack? Is he dead now? And you’re injured during the battle because Jack was quite strong? Where’s Dean though? Why didn’t he come back with you?” Lily lilted with a happy mood.

Yolanda lifted her head and faced Lily, only then she spilled out some words with a gloomy face. “First Madam, Dean…Dean will not return here anymore. That brat, Jack, has actually reached the early stage of the true god realm! We didn’t expect that at all! Dean died because he underestimated Jack’s power and charged toward Jack without thinking twice. Jack killed him. As for me, after Dean died, I was under the siege of the three of them. I barely managed to stay alive and ran away!”

Terror and fear thundered down on Lily that she stumbled several steps back upon hearing Yolanda’s report. “Impossible, how is it possible? The two of you are not their opponents? Even worse, Dean was killed? That brat has fighting prowess of a true god level?” Lily shook her head with a face full of disbelief; she tried to deny the truth.

“First Madam, actually, if Dean hadn’t underestimated the opponent, he definitely wouldn’t have died, and he would have fought together with me, we’d have hope in winning!”

Yolanda plastered a bitter smile on her face. “How could we have imagined that Jack has reached the early stage of the true god realm? After Dean died from his recklessness, I had to deal with three by myself, which was even more cumbersome for me. So I had no choice but to flee!”

“I didn’t expect that at all. Jack is hiding so deep that none of us knew he was already at the early stage of the true god realm!”

Lily squinted firmly and then said, “That brat clearly did not use his full strength during the competition some time ago. He did not reveal his martial status of true god level. If he had used a chi attack during the competition, I believe all of us would have known he was already in the true god realm. Dang it! From the looks of it, that brat has been being cautious around us!”

At the side, Yolanda smiled bitterly, “First Madam, that was because you have been targeting him since the beginning, and he already knew about your motive, so it’s easier for him to guard against you. Not to mention, you’ve sent someone to kill him before!”

Yolanda halted as she spoke. Her eyes were suddenly filled up with dread and terror. “First Madam, what should we do now? That brat may have already been back by now! Will he tell Nash White about us? Will he tell the First Elder? Will they kill me? First Madam, if Master White and the others want to kill me, you must protect me!” Yolanda cried with a trembling voice.

“Don’t worry. Jack is no fool! He won’t choose to go against us right now. I’m certain that he will let this slide, pretending not to know anything!”

Lily, on the other hand, sneered coldly yet confidently.

In fact, Yolanda knew that Jack would definitely let this incident slide, but to gain Lily’s trust, she had to say it on purpose.

Yolanda deliberately released an audible sigh of relief upon hearing Lily’s assurance. “That’s good then. I was truly scared to death just now. Even now I still feel that I’ll be the next Dean if I didn’t flee in time. And I was really afraid that Jack would report this incident to Master Nash. After all, Jack is only afraid of you and the Third Elder but not of me. I’m just a Patronum, merely a protector of the White family. I can’t stop thinking ‘what if Jack wants to kill me?’”

“Heh! Don’t worry, it won’t happen. Jack is a smart guy. He knows that you’re my people, so he’ll definitely pretend nothing has happened. But, if he is daring enough to make trouble, I’ll protect you, you have nothing to worry!”

Lily clenched her fist as she gave Yolanda her promise.

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