No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1151

“Sigh! It’s a pity that I didn’t manage to end his life this time. I’ll leave to treat my injuries first!”

Yolanda bowed to Lily and wheeled around, preparing to leave.

“Hold on!”

Lily called out to Yolanda.

Yolanda’s heart leaped into her throat when Lily called out to her. Did she say something inconsistent, and Lily found out? Why did Lily call her?

However, to her surprise, Lily flipped her hand and a first-grade premium spirited grass appeared on her palm. She turned around, facing Yolanda, and gestured to her to take the spirited grass. “Although we have an agreement before, that you won’t get any spirited grass if you failed the mission, you were injured this time, so I’ll give you one anyway. I hope you’ll improve faster and reach the middle stage of the demi god realm soon. You’re talented; once you’ve reached the middle stage of the demi god realm, I’ll find an opportunity to promote you to an elder!”

“Thank you so much, First Madam!”

Yolanda nodded with a happy grin on her face as she took the spirited grass. She then left the scene.

After leaving Lily’s residence, Yolanda strolled for a while, only then did she sigh aloud in her heart.

Lily was very sensitive and skeptical; if she sensed something strange, Yolanda would be in big trouble.

At this time, Jack and the others have returned to their residence respectively.

“Dear, you’re finally back! You’ve been out for days and I’m worried sick!”

Selena skipped toward Jack, jumped into his embrace, and hugged him tightly the moment Jack stepped in.

After all, Lily and her gang were vicious and sly foxes; they were not easy to deal with. Although the strong fighter—the Third Elder—had gone for a martial retreat, the White family still had many other strong fighters. What if the vicious gang had sent out a powerful elite to kill Jack and Jack was not able to fight against him? Would not Jack’s life be jeopardized?

“Hehe, don’t worry. Everything is within my control!”

Jack answered, smiling. “Well, it’s true that today when I came back, I ran into the people that Lily had sent to kill me!” Jack added nonchalantly.

“Oh no! Didn’t you bring them on a merry go around by saying you’re going to the branch families of the White? How did the assassins manage to find you?”

Selena was sweating from fear and her voice was edged with panic upon hearing Jack’s encounter.

“The assassins are pretty smart. After going around, searching for a few days, they knew they were tricked. So, they ambushed us on the way back to the White’s main residence!”

Jack smiled while hugging Selena. “However, one of the two assassins named Yolanda is loyal to the White family. At the critical moment, she killed her companion and asked me to cooperate with her in lying and hiding the truth from Lily!”

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