No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1152

“I see. Lily would probably be furious to death if she knew that the people she sent to kill you took your side!”

Selena burst out in laughter after hearing Jack’s utterance.

“She can’t know any of these! If she finds out, Yolanda will be in big trouble!”

Jack chuckled together with Selena, then he loosened his arms, letting Selena go. He walked toward the coffee table, poured himself a cup of tea then sat down on the chair nearby. “Yolanda is a kind and loyal person. We can definitely rely on her in the future. Besides, I believe there should be quite a number of Lagorios who work for the White family and are loyal to the Whites. After all, Lily’s sly behavior and those dirty tricks of hers have disappointed some of the Lagorios.” Jack uttered as he took a sip of the tea.

Selena nodded her head in agreement. She sat down beside Jack and added, “That’s so true. But, in the future, how can you distinguish clearly which of these people are on your side, and which of them belong to Lily’s side? It’s difficult to know someone’s mind!”

Jack’s forehead puckered as well. “Indeed, it’s difficult to know people’s minds. But when the time comes, we can ask Yolanda about it. And if there’s no other way but to fight, we’ll fight. By that time, we should know who’s taking our side!”

“You’re right. Also, have you found all the herbs needed to treat your father? It should be tough to find all of them, right?”

Selena popped another question, with a concerned look hanging on her face.

“It’s indeed hard and strenuous to get all of it. But fortunately, I’ve gathered all of the herbs!”

Jack smiled. “It’s getting late now. I’ll get some rest, and tomorrow morning I’ll make the pill for Father. After taking the pill for a few days, Father should be well. By that time, when the Third Elder comes back from the martial retreat, he wouldn’t be a match for Father!”

“That’s amazing!”

The heavy boulder inside Selena finally lifted as she heaved a huge sigh of relief. As long as Nash recovers from the poison, nobody in the White family could ever be his opponent. Even if the Third Elder teamed up with some other wolves, they were definitely not Nash’s opponents.

“By the way, Dear, when I was away, did you use the Chi congregation pills that I gave you in your martial training? You have good talent, and those pills will help elevate you to the next level faster.”

Jack quickly thought of something and he asked, “You were a third-grade martial artist before I left, and I guess if you weren’t lazy these few days, you should be a sixth-grade martial artist by now, right? But even if you were slacking, with the aid of the pills, you should be at least a fifth-grade martial artist!”

“When you were not home, I was bored to death and once I stayed still and did nothing, I’d be worried sick for you. So, I might as well train hard every day to kill time. This way, the time passed by super fast! Sometimes, it feels like I was just starting to train but the day has already ended! Hehe! So, the conclusion is, your dear lovely wife is not slacking at all!”

Selena laughed with her face full of smugness.

Looking at Selena’s smug look, Jack could not help but chuckle. “It looks like my dear lovely wife is already a sixth-grade martial artist! Congratulations, Dear!”

“Who said I’m a sixth-grade martial artist?”

Selena, in return, barked at Jack and shot him a deadly stare. “My brother is a sixth-grade martial artist, and I’m already an eighth-grade martial artist! Didn’t you say it before? That I’m super duper talented! Hehe! After I underwent the purification of my body, I was already a third-grade! With such raw talent, an eighth-grade martial artist is definite!”

The corner of Jack’s mouth twitched involuntarily a few times. How could he have imagined that his wife has already become an eighth-grade martial artist in such a short time? That was way beyond his expectations!

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