No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1153

“Wonderful! That’s wonderful!”

Jack nodded with satisfaction. “In that case, let’s strive to reach the grandmaster level! You’re only considered a strong and powerful martial artist once you’ve stepped into this threshold!”

“For me to become a grandmaster, I don’t think there’ll be any problem. But, to break through to the demi-god level, I’m afraid that it will take me ample time. Because I found out that it’s rather easy to train and improve at the early stages but the higher the level, the more difficult and slower it is to break through!”

Selena had her eyebrows snapped together as she uttered.

Jack smiled bitterly in return. “That’s reality. The gap of difficulty to train between the grandmaster and the highest-grade martial artist is wide, but, at the same time, the strength and power that a grandmaster possesses is a whole lot greater than the highest-grade martial artist. Once you reach the grandmaster level, you’ll learn about chi energy, to control it is difficult. Hence, it’s tough to climb when you’re a grandmaster; it needs not only talent but patience and hard work.

Jack paused and studied Selena for a while, fearing that what he said would discourage Selena. “Your raw talent is greater than anyone else. You’ll certainly reach the grandmaster level and demi god-level faster than others!” Jack comforted. “But I want to give you a piece of advice, don’t merely seek to breakthrough and reach the other levels blindly, you need to spend time to feel the strength of your current level and comprehend it thoroughly. Feel the strength and the chi energy before continuing to breakthrough to another level, especially after reaching the grandmaster level!”

Selena bobbed her head. “Yea, you’re right. After all, Ethan, Lana, and the other Gods of War have trained for so long before they became strong in the demi-god level. I can’t be impatient and rush myself. It’s always better to take one step at a time and have my feet on the grind!”

After pondering critically, Jack then said, “The reason why you could reach the eight-grade martial level in such a short time, I believe it’s because of the raw talent you possess, coupled with the training technique. Although the martial art technique has no name and they obtain it through a random occasion, when I looked at it, it seems complex.”

“Is that so? That’s amazing!”

Selena smiled and then she added, “My brother has been devastated lately when he saw that I’ve become a martial artist two grades higher than him.”

“Right. Dear, it’s getting late. Let’s go to the town at the foot of the mountain to get a good dinner, barbecue or something else. That town is near to the White residence. If we go out later in the night, Lily and her snakes will not find out!”

“Besides, her men lost to me some time ago, they probably wouldn’t think that I would go down the mountain and have fun at this time!”

After thinking about it, Jack held Selena’s hand and said, with hopeful eyes.

“Alright then. I have been staying in for quite some time now. It’s good to go out for a change!”

Selena smiled sweetly at Jack and nodded her head as though she was a mother who gave permission to her son—Jack.

After a while, when the sky turned darker, Jack and Selena went down the mountain without anybody knowing.

The town at the foot of the mountain was lively and prosperous. Although it was a small town, the structures and its liveliness were comparable to a city.

The town being in close vicinity to the White residence was blessed with various businesses that traded martial resources and materials. Besides, the natural chi energy around the mountain was not weak, hence there were quite a number of martial fighters gathered around here.

Moreover, there were even some prominent families staying at the foot of this mountain and some of them were strong fighters of the demi-god level.

But, of course, there were only a few of them of the demi-god level.

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