No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1154

“Honey, it’s so bustling and lively down here. It’s just like an ancient town; everywhere is full of ancient aura and flavor! I’m starting to fall in love with this town!”

Selena strolled on the streets of the town and could not help but exclaim at the ancient beauty of the town. The crowd of pedestrians, traders, shoppers, and others could be seen walking on the busy street. Some of them were wearing primordial yet fancy clothes; some of the men grew their hair long on purpose. If it weren’t because some were clothed slightly more contemporary and there were mobile phones in their hands, Jack and Selena would think that they had traveled back in time.

“Dear, if you were to wear those ancient costumes, you’ll definitely look stunning!”

Jack noticed a shop selling ancient clothes not too far away; he then pulled Selena into the shop. “Dear, try it!”

“Umm…okay. But it’s embarrassing!”

Selena’s cheeks were kissed pink. Nevertheless, she picked a few sets of clothing and tried them on.

“Oh my…Dear, you’re absolutely stunning! If you were born in ancient eras, you’d still be the Queen of Beauty!”

Enjoying the view of Selena wearing the ancient costumes, Jack nodded in satisfaction.

“Shameless! We already had a kid this big! How can you praise me like that without feeling embarrassed!”

Selena blushed and responded in a shy tone. She stared fiercely at Jack.

“We’ll buy all these! Dear, you don’t have to change back into your clothes, just wear these. Quite a few people are wearing ancient costumes on the street, so there’s nothing strange and embarrassing about it, right?”

Jack chuckled aloud with a radiant smile plastered on his face.

“Sir, are you sure you’re taking all of these? All these clothes are made of silk; they’d be more expensive! Besides, the few sets that Madam had tried on just now, one set costs more than one hundred thousand! If you were to buy all these sets, it would be close to a million!”

The lady owner of the store had her eyes lit up when she heard Jack’s words. The clothes that she sold in her store were all of top-notch quality. But because they were all expensive, they may not even sell one set a day, and sometimes they only managed to sell a set in two or three days, and that was considered as good!

The lady owner could not have imagined that the two would buy four sets at once!

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid that I can’t afford them?”

Jack stared at the other party coldly and then he flashed out his card. “Take this, swipe it, and enter one million. No password is needed!”

“I’m glad to serve you, Sir! A man like you deserves to marry such a charming wife!”

It was the owner’s first time meeting such a generous customer. She then took the bank card and went to make the payment.

Soon, the two left the store.

However, shortly after the couple left the store, a slightly plump and chubby woman— dressed in an ancient costume—paced toward the store with a group of people.

She quickly spotted Selena wearing a dainty and beautiful ancient costume—which was significantly better looking than hers. Her fury sprang to life in a second.

The chubby woman pointed at Selena and huffed to the man beside her gruffly. “Honey, that dress is really nice. I want it!”

The rotund man—who walked behind the chubby woman—looked toward the pointed direction. He could not help but his eyes lit up excitedly. “Alright, babe, I’ll take you to buy one!” He smiled and nodded.

Nonetheless, to the man’s surprise, the chunky woman was exasperated in the next second. “No! I want that dress on that woman! That dress is dainty and beautiful, and it might be a limited edition. There’d be only one piece of such a dress in this world! I want the one on her!” The woman pouted.

“Umm…Babe, it’s not nice to snatch from her though.”

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