No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1159

Kayla assumed that Jack was afraid when she saw his brows scrunching together. “That’s right. Let me explain everything,” she said. “Sometimes, the White family will get a familiar friend to introduce someone, or they will come down from the mountain to choose a few talented warriors to enter the White family. This rarely happens, but some people become part of the White family like that!”

Here, Kayla paused for a while before resuming, “One of the Maack family members had been lucky enough to enter the White family. And he managed to mix quite well with them, so he’s the helmsman now, and he’s a warrior at the intermediate stage of the demi god status. Miss Maack is so cocky because of this!”

“Just leave, young man. It’ll be too late if you don’t. I’m sure that Autumn won’t let this slide just like that, judging from her personality! Besides, you were the one who chopped off the arm of the first daughter of the Maack family. Master Maack won’t let you off the hook either!”

The old man advised Jack and Selena anxiously.

“Thank you for your concern. But if that is truly the case, all the more we shouldn’t leave!”

Jack raised his hands into a fist-to-palm salute toward the two. Then his attention wandered toward a barbecue stall not too far away. “We came here to eat barbecue,” he said, smiling. “But we haven’t even eaten yet. How could we leave now? Right, Dear?”

“Right? I’m hungry!”

Selena gave a wan smile. She took Jack’s hand in hers and walked toward the barbecue stall.

“Those–those two still have the heart to eat barbecue!”

The old man was so agitated that his mustache practically bristled. He huffed and stalked over to the side.

Kayla was furious as well. However, she did not give up on them. She chased after them and stared at Jack, huffing. “Don’t you love your wife? If you do, you two should leave. Now!” she said. “Even if you don’t fear death, you can’t drag your wife along with you!”

Warmth filled Jack’s chest at the sight of this compassionate girl. “How talented are you, girl?” he said, smiling.

Kayla was speechless for a moment. “A ninth-grade grandmaster. Why? You refuse to leave, and you still want to ask about my talent. At any rate, I’m pretty strong, and I have good talent. I’m probably stronger than you!”

Jack grinned. “You truly have a talent for someone so young. Have you never thought of training with the White family and becoming one of them?”

“The White family?”

Kayla furrowed her brows. “I do. But I don’t have a single connection with the White family. There’s no way I can get in. Besides, who knows when they’ll be in the mood to come to town to recruit people. I have no hopes no matter what, I’ll keep dreaming!”

Kayla was stunned for a while here. “Ah. Why am I telling you all this? More importantly, I think you two are good people. I don’t want to see you die!”

“Hah. Don’t worry. We won’t!”

Jack laughed. “Kayla, right?” he said to the girl. “Sit down and join us. I’ll treat you!”

“All right. I’ll join you. Since you’re going to die soon, I should help you spend whatever money you have right now!”

Kayla rolled her eyes at Jack and took a seat before the two, still huffing.

“You’re too cruel. You actually cut my arm off!”

At that moment, Autumn plodded forward, supported by the fatty.

“I had no choice. Don’t you understand that both of us would have died if I hadn’t done that? At least we get to live like this. We had no choice.”

The fatty was helpless. “Ah, you were rude just now too. Why would you want her clothes? We wouldn’t have landed ourselves in this situation otherwise!”


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