No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1160

“Hmph. I couldn’t bear to see it. I look good in traditional clothes. That woman had no right to look better than I do. The sight just offends me!”

The woman harrumphed; venom filled her eyes. “Let’s hurry back,” she said. “We can’t just let the couple go like that. I’ll get Daddy to kill them!”

The fatty was internally speechless, but he had no words of protest. After all, he was simply the Maack family’s live-in son-in-law, with no particular standing in the Maack family. If he did not give in to her whims, she and her family would make his days miserable.

“I had no choice just now, Dear. Do you still hold a grudge against me?”

The fatty prodded as they walked forward.

Autumn’s expression darkened. “It’s your fault for being such a lousy and weak warrior. I wouldn’t have been bullied like this if you weren’t a piece of trash,” she snarled, glaring at her husband. “Just look at that man from just now. He’s nothing like you—only a sixth-grade martial artist at such an old age. You’ll be a laughing stock if words of this got out…”

The fatty was speechless. He just supported Autumn until they finally arrived at the Maack family.

“Young Miss, what–what happened?”

The bodyguard at the entrance was shocked when he took in the sight. One of the bodyguards quickly went in to make a report.

Autumn and her husband had not walked very far in when the master of the Maack family, Ace, came out with a group of people.

“What happened, Autumn? Who was it? Who dared to cut off my daughter’s arm!”

Ace stared at the stump that had been his daughter’s arm. He was so furious that he had gone purple and his teeth were gritted.

After all these years, he never had any sons. He only had her as his only daughter. That was why she was the apple of his eye, and he always coddled her as though she was a precious piece of porcelain.

He never thought that someone would be so bold to cut off his daughter’s arm.

“It was a young man, Father. Autumn and I were shopping when she noticed a couple, where the wife was wearing a hanfu. Out of goodwill, we told them that we would buy the clothes at three times their worth. But we never thought that they would refuse. They even rebuked us with sharp words!

“Autumn, naturally, was furious. She got the bodyguards to snatch the clothes, but her husband was extremely strong and killed all the bodyguards. Then he forced me to chop off one of her arms, or he would kill the both of us otherwise. I had no choice. It was to save the both of us!”

The fatty immediately dropped to his knees and narrated everything that had happened, while adding his own flair to the tale.

“You piece of sh*t. You can’t even protect your own woman!”

Ace was so angry that he sent the fatty flying a few meters away with a single kick. “The lot of you, take the Young Miss and her husband back to rest,” he said. “I’ll bring the rest of you to find that couple. We must avenge my daughter!”

“No. I don’t want to rest, Daddy. I must go. I need to see them die before me. I want to see that punk begging for his life on his knees!”

Autumn raised her head, her features twisted into a vicious expression. “Besides, you don’t know where they had attacked me. Get people to carry me there. Quick. I’m afraid that they’ll leave if we’re one step too late!”

“All right. Let’s go!”

Ace announced, huffing.

“I’m going too, Father. I want to see them die before my eyes. Those two were too much!”

The fatty ran over, holding in his pain, subtly declaring his loyalty.

“Let’s go!”

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