No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1161

Ace shot a look at his weak son-in-law. He took a group of elders and powerful fighters and rushed for the place. They were all extremely fast, as though they were shadows racing in the darkness.

“Wait for me…”

The fatty, who was weak, was quickly left behind. He was so tired that he kept huffing and puffing, unable to keep up with the speed of those fighters.

“Daddy, I think he must have left. I shouldn’t have told them that I was the daughter of the Maack family just now. Now that they know, they must have left!”

Along the way, Autumn spoke to her father.

Ace’s expression hardened. He did not say a single word, rage boiling in his veins.

“Aye. They’re still here. They’re there, Daddy. They’re eating barbecue!”

However, Autumn’s eyes brightened soon after she noticed the three people eating at the barbecue stall.

“Why is Kayla there? Is she their friend?”

Ace clenched his fists as he observed the scene from a distance.

“I don’t think Kayla knows them. She had even advised the two of them to sell the clothes to me earlier. Maybe they’re treating her to a meal because they think she’s pretty nice? If that’s the case, Kayla has unintentionally helped me by stalling them!”

Autumn’s eyes brightened. “Maybe Kayla wanted to help me because she saw that so many of our men died. We’re pretty close, after all. Yes, that’s possible!”

“No matter what, that couple can no longer escape now that we’ve seen them!”

Ace gave a frosty smile. The group quickly stopped nearby.

“You’re done for. See? They came so quickly. The two of you are dead meat!”

Kayla sensed a frightening aura behind her. She took a glance over her shoulder, then cast a bitter smile at Jack.

“Heh. No need to fret!”

Jack chuckled and stood up. “You and Kayla can continue eating, Dear. I’ll come back quickly!”

After he said that, he strolled straight toward the Maack family’s forces.

“Hey, don’t tell me that your husband is of the true god status? He’s being too confident here, saying that he’ll come back soon. Don’t tell me he’s at the advanced stage, or the peak already?”

Kayla finally realized something. She frowned and whispered toward Selena.

“My name’s Selena. He’s Jack, from the White family. And don’t worry about his strength. The Maack family is nothing before him!”

Selena gave a reassuring smile and picked up a chicken skewer, biting into it. So long as Jack was beside her, she had a sense of security blanketing her.

“Seriously? He’s from the White family? No wonder he wasn’t afraid. So he’s a fighter from the White family!”

Kayla’s eyes widened. She quickly realized that the Maack family had run into some serious trouble now.

However, she could not blame them for accidentally picking a fight they could not win. The White family frequently visited the town at the bottom of the mountain, but the Maack family already had one of their own as a helmsman in the White family. Besides, the Maack family had been here for a long time now, and they knew the people that they should never provoke in the White family. That was why they did not have much to be afraid of since they already knew who were the ones who could not be offended.

Yet they just had to run into Jack and Selena, unaware that the former was from the White family. They were unlucky this time.

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