No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1164

“Young…Young Master Jack White?” Ace Maack was stunned when he heard how Gaius Maack knelt and addressed Jack as a young master. Could that mean that this guy was a young master from the White main family? If not, why did Gaius knelt in front of him?

“A young master from the White family!” Kayla Leight inhaled deeply and the barbeque skewer in her hand almost fell to the ground. She finally realized why Jack was not afraid of the other party. This young man not only had great fighting prowess but he also had a powerful position as well.

“Young Master Jack, how…how did my second brother offend you? Please forgive them!” Gaius’s face turned pale. Previously he would inform his brother of the people from the White family that they could not offend because he knew that his brother would spoil his niece as she kept bullying the people in the town.

He had personally advised Ace and the others on this. He asked Ace to control his daughter or something serious would happen sooner or later.

However, Ace had always said he would but still obeyed his daughter secretly and spoilt her.

Gaius had always thought that none of the powerful people in the town were stronger than the Maack family. Apart from that, nothing huge would occur as Ace knew about all the masters and young masters from the White family that he could not offend.

He was very busy recently during Jack’s return. He originally wanted to go down the mountains this evening to inform Ace about everything that happened with Jack and Selena’s return. He also asked somebody to draw portraits of everybody new so that his family could remember that they cannot offend these people.

Unfortunately, he was a little too late. He discovered that something had happened when he arrived home so he immediately rushed over. He had no idea that the person they offended was Jack.

“I said that I have to kill this pair of father and daughter today!” Jack had a cold expression on his face. “His daughter deserved to die as she asked my wife to strip in public. However, I still chose to let her live and only cut off one of her hands. Who knew that her father and the others would dare come to us? Do you think that I will still let them go?”

Jack paused before continuing to speak. “I am not the one who did not give them an opportunity to do so. I have already provided them with a chance but you can’t blame me if they did not cherish it.”

“Young Master Jack, we know our mistakes! Please forgive us!” Both Ace and Autumn Maack knelt on the floor as they continuingly beg for forgiveness. They had finally realized what sort of a person they had offended.

“Gaius, tell me, do you think they deserve to die?” Jack looked at Gaius and continued speaking. “As the helmsman, you must have played a role in supporting them to misbehave as such, right?”

Gaius started sweating profoundly when he heard this. “No, Young Master Jack! I’ve been busy all day long in the White family and I seldom come back. I did not protect them…”

Gaius was really afraid. Jack was not only in a much higher position than him, he had a higher fighting prowess and power compared to Gaius. He was completely subdued by Jack’s talents during the previous martial art competition and he was secretly rueful that Jack was a master.

Right now, he would be very unlucky if Jack blamed this matter on him and killed him for his involvement.

After all, although Ace always took advantage of his position to act so arrogantly, Gaius had never helped them to do anything wrong.

He rushed over angrily as he was anxious when he heard that his niece was almost killed and his brother almost died.

Who knew that Autumn was actually suicidal and actually dared to ask Jack’s wife to strip on the streets?

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