No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1172

Lily’s frown deepened after the old man left, her anxiety plaguing her mind as she did.

“I heard Jack has exceptional medical skills. Had he gone looking for a cure for Nash?” Lily started talking to herself, but she soon shook her head. “That’s impossible. The First Elder brought many miracle-working doctors before, but those people couldn’t even identify Nash’s body condition. How can Jack cure him? He must be preparing medication for that brother of his, Fernando!”

Lily’s thought calmed her as she began to loosen up, under the impression that Jack was looking for herbs to cure Fernando. The Third Elder ensured her that no normal person could identify the poison in Nash’s body, and only a handful of people could identify it.

As the symptoms of this poison looked more like asthma, many doctors might even treat it as such. The result would be a definite failure.

As he had ample free time, Jack started cultivating pills with two sets of herbs as he returned to his room.

He did not have many ingredients with him at that moment, and he only had some first-grade elementary ingredients that would produce first-grade elementary pills.

Nonetheless, these pills were suitable for people who were at the level of grandmasters or demi-gods. Among them, grandmasters would have better results if they used this. Hence, Jack planned to let Selena use it when she broke through the grandmaster level.

Such first-grade elementary pills were obviously useless for Jack; he had to consume first-grade premium-level pills for good effects.

Unfortunately, he could not even cultivate first-stage intermediate level pills, let alone first-stage premium-level pills. Apart from that, he did not have many of such ingredients with him.

It was already late when he finished his cultivation. Jack took out first-stage premium spirited grass after he had dinner with Selena.

This spirited grass was one of the rewards Jack won in the competition. He planned to cultivate the grass in order to increase its power. Even though he did not have a breakthrough and enter the intermediate stage of the true god level, he could at least have some improvement.

Jack had successfully cultivated the spirited grass during the middle of the night so he went to sleep.

Others would envy Jack if they knew how quickly he could cultivate this first-level premium-grade spirited grass. After all, this was a first-level premium-grade spirited grass, and the energy in it was incomparable to other spirited grass.

The next morning, Joan came looking for Jack in delight.

“Jack, I have great news to share! Your father told me this morning that your medication worked wonders, so much so that he felt obvious improvements in his body, especially during last night after he vomited several mouthfuls of black-colored blood. That has to be poisoned blood, yes?” Happiness was written all over Joan’s face. There was no hiding her love for Nash, and it showed in her jubilant expression knowing Nash would recover.

“Yes!” Jack nodded. “I’m confident in curing his poison. The only thing that I’m worried about right now is Fernando’s situation. His situation is so troublesome, and we have to get that ancient scroll.” Jack paused here before he added, “Luckily, his body has been totally frozen, and there’s no rush for things. It won’t be an issue even if we spend two to three years to get the ancient book and come up with a treatment solution.”

Joan’s joyful grin fell a little as though she would frown, but a wan smile took its place. “Jack, I have to tell you some bad news… The Cyro Pearl is indeed a precious item, and it can completely freeze someone, but it still has its own limitations, and that would be time. The Cyro Pearl’s effect would decrease after three years, and the ice would slowly melt. That means you only have three years, Jack. Your dad told me this and he wanted to tell you, but he didn’t know how to.”

“Three years?!”

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