No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1175

Wade voiced his opinion.

“How about tomorrow? We’ll be paying our respects to the ancestors tomorrow, so they’ll definitely lower their guard. You need to secretly attack the First Elder by then, and there’s nothing worth being afraid of once the First Elder dies!” suggested Lily after a silent moment of consideration.

“Ah, yes, I almost forgot about tomorrow! Would’ve forgotten it had you not mentioned it. Tomorrow, we’ll need to go to the back of the mountain to pay our respects to the ancestors. Haha… What an opportunity! Many of the branch family masters will also be there, and I can use this opportunity to announce that I’m the new family master in front of them. Haha!” The thought of being the family master excited Wade incredibly.

“Yes! We can officially order the branch families to hand over as much martial enhancement material as we want. We don’t need to be afraid of Nash finding out!” added Lily.

“Yes, you’re right. I’ll be the White family master from tomorrow onward. By then, we can work together to manage the White family, and I’m sure that we can manage it well!” Chuckling, Wade hoisted Lily into his arms and walked toward the bed.

Lily rolled her eyes at Wade and said coquettishly, “You’re nasty!”

The next afternoon, many of the branch family masters rushed over to join the occasion of paying respect to the White family ancestors.

Lancelot, Chad, and the others arrived at Jack’s living quarters that night.

“Young Master Jack, we had no idea why but some time ago, Dean and Yolanda Lagorio arrived at the branch families looking for you. They enquired if you guys went there and we were worried because of this. We were afraid that something happened to you. It’s nice to see you being healthy and safe right now!” blurted Lancelot.

“This was what happened. I planned to leave the White family some time ago, and I knew that Lily would definitely send people to kill me, so I purposely leaked the news…” Jack told everybody a summary of what happened.

“Who knew that Yolanda would kill Dean at the most important time. It looks like Yolanda is somebody worth trusting!” Chad could not hold back and responded after he heard what Jack said. “Many of the Lagorios received great care from the family master after they arrived at the White family. Some of them still understand how to be thankful and can tell right from wrong!”

“Yes!” Jack nodded and said, “I heard that old Wade had come out from his retreat. I wonder if he came out because he had already broken through his fighting prowess, or that he came out early to join the ancestors’ praying occasion. I’m afraid that this guy might go all out if he truly had achieved his break-through.”

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