No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1177

After preparing quite a number of tributes, Nash walked toward the back of the mountain supported by Joan and Second Madam Lizzie.

Not long later, the crowd arrived at the back of the mountain. There was a cemetery in the area where the ancestors of the White family were buried. A huge stone slab covered the cemetery’s entrance, and it gave everyone a somber, solemn feeling.

After arranging the tributes to honor the ancestors, Titus appeared in front of the crowd and said lots of propitious words. He then said to the crowd, “Bow.”

Everybody immediately bowed solemnly.

The Third Elder purposely stood behind the First Elder all the while, and at that moment, Chi surged from his palm. He struck at the First Elder’s back with all his might.

The First Elder had been guarding against the Third Elder. He was surprised when he felt the movement behind him and immediately concentrated a thin layer of protective Chi layer around his body.

His protective Chi barrier managed to intercept the Third Elder’s attack right at the nick of time.

A loud rumble was heard as the Chi barrier was destroyed. The Third Elder’s attack directly landed on the First Elder’s back.

The First Elder was sent flying as blood spewed from his mouth. He dropped to the ground right after.

“What’s going on?” Many people immediately moved backward after they realized what had happened.

“Third Elder, you…” The First Elder eyed the Third Elder, shocked and fearful. He was lucky that he had his guard up against the Third Elder, and that was why he could concentrate a Chi protective layer so quickly. Although he was hurt, his injuries were not that serious.

If Jack had not told him of this before, Wade’s attack would have done a total on him, and he might not have managed to form the protective Chi layer on time. He might have been injured gravely… He could have died, even.

“Haha…! Never thought you’d be so alert and quick on your feet, First Elder. I thought of ending you in one swift move—who knew you’d be able to react!” The Third Elder laughed loudly and said loudly, “Still, it doesn’t matter that you were quick. You’re injured, and I’ve already reached the peak stage of the real god level. Killing you now would be as easy as pie.”

“Third Elder, you… You really disappoint me!” Nash shot the Third Elder a deadly glare.

At that moment, Lily—who stood beside Nash—glowered viciously.

She flipped her hand and came up with a dagger, aiming it at Nash. “Die! You’re the reason why my son isn’t the family master. I’ll end you, Nash White!”

“You think so?” Jack had been guarding against her. He appeared in front of Nash in a flash and kicked Lily hard at her abdomen area.

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