No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1179

Wade laughed loudly and said to Nash, “I’ll kill you, Titus, Kenneth, your son, and everybody else. Then, I’ll be the White family master!”

“Listen to me, members of the Lagorio family. Wade White has the highest fighting prowess in the White family right now. If you don’t want to die, and this applies to the White family members too, come forward. Nash will die soon, and it’s time the title is moved to someone else!” Lily shouted loudly.

“I agree with what the First Madam says. Jack is just a son-in-law who married into his wife’s family in the outside world. It’d be shameful for the White family if he becomes the family master. People will think that the White family don’t have any other choices! I support the Third Elder in becoming the family master!” As expected, an old man from the Lagorio family, who was also an elder, proactively walked forward and stood beside Lily.

“What the heck? I’ve just arrived at the White family and things just…” Kayla was speechless as she stood among the crowd. Who knew her father’s worries would come true so soon.

There was nothing she could have done. After all, somebody like her could not change the situation.

“Young Master Jack, the position should be given to the capable person. Now that the Third Elder has the highest fighting prowess, why don’t you just give him the position of family master inheritor?” Two other White family elders wavered in their faith. After all, Nash treated them well and they chose to carry out persuasion at this moment.

One of them even looked at Lily and said, “First Madam, why don’t we let Jack and Nash go if they willingly surrender the family master title? What if they acknowledge the Third Elder as the family master and support him?”

Lily’s face darkened when she heard this. “I don’t think so. The First Elder, Jack, Nash and the others have to die today!”

“Haha… You speak in such a boastful way!” spoke the smiling Jack as he unhesitantly walked forward, seeing how the people grew wary of him and wanting to side with Lily and the others. “Lily, my father isn’t sick. You poisoned him, didn’t you?”

“How’s that possible? How could the First Madam poison the family master?”

“Exactly. How could she when they’re married?!” There was a wave of exclamation after they heard this. Lily was a horrible, vicious woman if what Jack said was true.

“Haha… It doesn’t matter if I tell you the truth. Nash White isn’t sick but poisoned, and this poison won’t be easily detoxified!” Lily completely fell out and said with a cold smirk on her face. “He’s the one who asked for this. He was the one who summoned Joan and Jack back and even made Jack the family master inheritor. He can’t blame me for his suicidal actions!”

She stared straightforwardly at Nash as she spoke, “You never saw that coming, did you, Nash White? It must’ve never occurred to you that I’d poison you, right? Haha…! Ah, but what can you do? You’re going to die. No, I’ll ask the Third Elder to kill your son, Jack, and your lover, Joan. I’ll make you see how they die in front of your eyes!”

“Never thought you’d be so heartless!” Nash felt a wave of heartache when Lily admitted it in front of the crowd, even though he had an inkling of what had happened.

“Die, you b*tch!” The Second Elder was so angry that he flickered and rushed toward Lily.

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