No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1182

“Such a strong aura! This aura is really the glorified aura among those in the peak stage of the real god level!” exclaimed an old man after he felt the aura.

“Yes! How can the master fly so easily? Apart from that, his facial complexion doesn’t look like he’s poisoned. He looks much more spirited than he used to be!” One of the patronums was extremely excited and seemed to have seen a glimpse of hope. Was it possible that the master was entirely well? He did not seem to be faking his condition before!

“What… What’s going on? Isn’t he poisoned?” Lily was also speechless as she stood there. She looked at Nash dumbfoundedly.

“Impossible! How can you…” The Third Elder was so frightened that his facial complexion alternated between being green and pale. Although he was at the peak stage of the real god level, he was still a long way behind Nash as he had just entered this level. Nash was in this level for two to three years, and his combat power was better than Wade.

Apart from that, the wounds the First Elder and Second Elder had were not fatal. They could obviously still fight, and Wade was surely no match for the three as he stood on his own.

Nash did not plan to be merciful. He pointed at Lily and the people who supported her as he spoke, “Kill these people, and leave the old bastard Wade to me!”

“Nash White, how dare you?! I’m the eldest miss of the Lagorio family! I’m warning you: the White family will suffer a huge loss if you dare kill me and the members of the Lagorio family. My father and the others will come to avenge me! The White family won’t be able to keep your current position!” Lily threatened Nash angrily.

Nash seemed aloof for a while before he spoke, grinning, “Yes, it’s too easy for you if you’re killed. Kill the others. I’m divorcing Lily Lagorio, and I’ll destroy her fighting prowess before driving her out of the White family!”

“You… You dare wish to destroy my fighting prowess?!” Lily’s face paled in anger. Destroying the fighting prowess of a person who spent lots of time to become a martial artist, especially a master who had reached the initial stage of the demi-god level, was worse than killing her. It was like ripping a master off of their position before dropping them from the skies, making them a mere mortal once more.

Apart from that, the person’s body would be badly injured after their fighting prowess got destroyed, and they would not be able to train without resting for half a year or one whole year. They had to start from scratch as a martial artist, and this would require so much more time and dedication!

“Haha… You were daring enough to cheat on me with another man, so why can’t I destroy your fighting prowess?” Nash laughed and waved his hand, signaling everybody to take action.

“Attack!” Many of the Lagorios who chose to stand by the White family secretly rejoiced that they made a smart choice. Otherwise, they would perish in the upcoming war.

“Attack!” None of the other branch families members supported Lily and the others as they had long hated them. They felt relieved as they finally had the chance to vent the anger in their hearts. They rushed toward the Lagorio family elders and those who supported Lily.

“How’s this possible? Father… We’re done for!” Hudson and his father almost vomited blood from anger. They did not make much consideration when they stood by the Third Elder and Lily’s side knowing that Nash was poisoned. Apart from that, both the First and Second Elders were hurt, and the Third Elder had achieved the peak stage of the real god level. Hudson was even thinking about the benefits he could obtain after the Third Elder became the family master. After all, he had always been benefiting from their side. Who knew…

“We’re really unlucky! How could this be?”

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