No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1183

Hudson’s father wore a grave expression. He flipped his palm and a sword appeared. “Fight… Fight our way out!”

“Attack!” Those who sided with Lily only knew then they had no other choice, thus they rushed forward and fought.

Nash smiled coldly and spoke to Wade, who was standing in front of him, “Wade White, I’m sure both you and Lily had no idea that my son, Jack had cured me of my poisoning, no?”

Lily had a sudden realization and her face darkened. “The last time Jack went out was to find the detoxifying herbs for you…? How did he know you’ve been poisoned?”

“Haha! My son’s a master with medical skills, and he knows the treatment plan!” Nash once again laughed and tightened his grip on the sword in his hands. He quickly adjusted his Chi and waved the sword outward. “Burning Chop!”

As Nash waved his sword, a fierce aura emerged from his swing. His Chi and sword aura were weaved together and it looked like a fireball. It also looked like a meteor with a long tail as it flew forward.

“Great, he’s using a second-grade elementary martial skill right off the bat!” The Third Elder’s face darkened when he saw this attack. He gritted his teeth and also showed his martial skill. Soon, another cut flew forward.

Accompanied by a loud thunder-like noise, two powerful attacks collided as a strong wave of energy rippled throughout.

Trees shook with the wind, a result of the impact.

“Damn it… There really is a difference?” The Third Elder realized something was wrong even though both of them used second-grade elementary martial skills. His martial skill obviously could not uphold and the energy was parried with ease. Nash’s attack still had remaining energy, and it went for his body.

Sensing something was wrong, the Third Elder immediately concentrated a thick layer of Chi to protect himself.

The energy-fused attack clashed against his Chi barrier the moment it was summoned.

The Third Elder was blasted several meters backward before he could regain his footing.

However, the Chi protective layer covering his body had also shattered loudly, and blood spurted from his mouth.

“Sh*t. The Chi protective later can’t even withstand the leftover energy from his attack?” The Third Elder had a darkened expression. He was so frightened that he directly waved his sword at the opponent before turning around to run away.

“Going somewhere?” Nash directly blocked the Third Elder’s attack with his sword when he saw how the Third Elder planned to escape. He immediately turned into an afterimage as he chased after the Third Elder.


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