No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1184

After several waves of explosions, the people siding with Lily and the Third Elder were killed. Only Lily was badly wounded, lying on the ground with a grudge-filled expression.

Nash also flew back with a heavily wounded Wade and threw him on the ground.

“Why? Nash White, do you plan to shame me before killing me?” Wade, who was paralyzed on the floor, stared at Nash hatefully. “I’ve calculated every step thoroughly, never once thinking your son would have such high medical skills. Not only did he realize what was wrong with your body, but he cured you as well. If that didn’t happen, I would be crowned the family master today!”

“Haha… I brought you back here without thinking of shaming you. Third Elder, you’re imagining things. I brought you back here because I want to kill you, a sinner, in front of the White family’s ancestors!” Nash laughed and raised his sword.

“Sinner?” Nobody expected Wade to laugh out loudly at that moment. “I don’t feel that I’m a sinner of any kind. As the saying goes, ‘The capable are to be crowned.’ The world operates based on how big a person’s fists are, and it’s always been that way. I should be the family master if I’m stronger than you. Why should you be the family master? On what grounds does your son get to be the family master after you die? I’m also a member of the White family, and I’m qualified to be the family master too!”

“Haha… You speak like you come from a justified stance. How dare you mention ‘the capable are to be crowned’ when you colluded with the First Madam and made her poison my father?” Jack could not help but laughed coldly when he heard this. “It makes sense if you rebelled because you’ve improved your fighting prowess and are stronger than my father. However, you used such ways against my father and even secretly attacked the First Elder. How dare you say that you’re worthy of the saying ‘the capable are to be crowned’ with these despicable ways?”

“Wade, what do you mean? Why… Why does it feel like you want to be the family master all along? Didn’t we have an agreement that if I cooperate with you and make you a family master, you’ll give the position of family master to my son when he returns?” Lily felt that something was wrong after she heard what Wade said. She could not help but look at him curiously. It looked like Wade had never planned to give the family master position to Lance from the beginning.

Wade looked at Lily and smirked. “Lily, do you really think I’d give your son such a powerful title when he returns? Why don’t you dream about it? Haha! Why should I give it to your son when it’s so hard to get this position? Apart from that, your son is dead! Stop thinking that he’ll return!”

Wade paused here before he continued, “Haha… First Madam, you really are willing to sacrifice everything for your son. Not only did you sacrifice your body, but you even helped me with all your power. Ah, shame, but I was just using you. I even ordered several people to kill your son if they found him. He’s not allowed to come back alive and, even if he does, I won’t hand him the family master title! Haha!”

“You… You animal!” Lily’s face was filled with despair. She knew, at that moment, she was just one of Wade’s pawns.

“Hmph! You can only blame your stupidity. If I really become the family master, what if your son returns when I’m stable in the position? By then, nobody can take it from me without a fight!” spoke the indignant Wade. “I’m unlucky today, and I admit my defeat.”

He closed his eyes and said loudly, “Come, Nash White! Make it quick!”

Nash held his sword tightly and swung it downward. Wade’s head fell to the ground as his body fell backward.

After killing Wade, Nash came behind Lily and placed his hand on her back.

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