No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1189

“Wade suddenly made a breakthrough and reached the peak of the true god status. If Young Master Jack had been any less skilled in medicine and failed to help his father recover on time, that man would have succeeded. But the master has killed them, and the First Madam now has no more power—she’s been chased out of the White family! That’s why we don’t have to worry about them anymore!”

Lancelot laughed as he explained the situation to everyone.

Before, he never knew how to respond to the branch family’s queries. He knew that everyone harbored deep grudges.

Now though, they managed to tide through their difficulties.

“That’s fantastic. Wade should have died long ago!”

“That’s right. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see him get killed by the master in person!”

“It’s truly fantastic. This means that the Master’s body should have recovered just fine. Now the White family will flourish under his leadership!”

“So the master had been poisoned. Thank goodness the young master was skilled enough to cure him. Otherwise, we would have eternal suffering under the leadership of Wade, that b*stard!”

The members of the branch family were all extremely excited and launched into a fervent discussion.

Jack’s emotions were a tangle as he watched the branch family members chatting away excitedly. Taking 50 percent of martial resources was probably a normal occurrence for other families. As for the branch families of the White family, being able to return to their initial tithing rate was big news.

He could only imagine how much they had suffered all these years.

After everybody had quietened down, Jack spoke up, smiling, “Right. From now on, the members of the main family will search for martial resources as well. We cannot continue to remain comfortable on our pedestal; we must go out and train as well. I believe that only trials from the real world will train true warriors. Also, the branch families should pick out a new master soon!”

“Eh? Why should we choose a new master?”

A girl around seventeen or eighteen years old pursed her lips, a purple dress draped from her shoulders. “Young Master Jack, I cannot agree to this,” she said, displeased. “For all these years, my father slaved away for our branch family because we got to keep so few of our martial resources. So to ensure that we get more martial resources, my father would always bring a few elders to head out and find more!”

The girl grew more and more agitated as she spoke, “My father suffered so much for the sake of all of us. Among the branch families, our branch family is stronger, and our strength is directly correlated to my father’s efforts. Besides, he has always said good things on behalf of the main family, assuring us that everything will be better. He even told us that the master would remember our sacrifice!”

Jack and Lancelot exchanged a glance. They could not smother the grins growing on their faces.

Anger boiled in the girl’s veins when she saw that Jack was smiling. “You’re still grinning? My father sacrificed so much for everyone, for the White family. Now, not only are you refusing to reward him, you’re telling us to elect a new house head at this crucial moment. I will never agree for my father to step down!”

An old man from another branch family also stood up. “She’s right. Young Master Jack, how could you do this? Master Lancelot is a good master, and we all like him. Now we’ll get more martial resources since we’re tithing less. We finally got our deserving share. Why are you doing this?”

“We do not agree!”

Many people cried out at the same time.

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