No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1190

“Hmph. I don’t care if you’re the young master of the White family. This decision is totally unfair to my father. It’s just so heart-wrenching!”

The girl harrumphed coldly and folded her arms across her chest. She pursed her lips, huffing but she looked cute at a glance.

“That’s right. How could we do that?”

Many people felt displeased for Lancelot’s sake.

After all, their master would be able to obtain a little more martial resources, and he would finally get to enjoy his days comfortably. Yet something like this had to happen. Naturally, the branch family members were furious.

“What are you talking about, Sally? Apologize to Young Master Jack now! Have you forgotten all of my teachings?”

Lancelot furrowed his brows and put on a stern aura, snapping at the girl before him.


Sally felt frustrated and proceeded to stamp her foot. “I didn’t say anything wrong. Why should I apologize to him?” she retorted. “Besides, I wasn’t pinning everything on him. I was expressing my displeasure at the decision Master White made. You can’t just restrict my freedom of speech!”

Another youth also spoke up, “That’s right. He’d be no different than the Third Elder if he doesn’t allow us to speak freely!”

A middle-aged man to the side jumped in shock. “Luke, you apologize to Young Master Jack too!” he barked at his son. “The White family’s decision already benefits the branch families. We should be grateful, got it? Besides, surely Master has something else in mind with this decision!”

Although the middle-aged man felt disgruntled regarding the decision about Lancelot, he was well aware of the difference in status between the main family and the branch families. They could not afford to offend the main family. If they did, the branch families would suffer serious consequences.

“I–I’m sorry!”

Although the young man was still displeased, he gritted his teeth and ducked his head.

No one expected that Jack would step forward at this moment. “All of you were right. A house head like Lancelot indeed has contributed great things for the White family,” he said to the crowd, smiling faintly. “How could a talent like him be unimportant to us? We would be suffering great losses if not for him.”

Sally further pouted when she heard this. “I’m glad that you realize that. Then you can’t make us elect a new house head!”

Rather than being angry at the girl’s temper, Jack seemed delighted instead. “I can’t do that,” he replied. “Our decision is final. Even your father agreed!”

“Dad, what’s wrong with you? How could you agree to that?”

Sally was speechless for a moment. She could not comprehend what he was thinking. He had said that he would work hard for the branch family himself. He practically treated the other members like his own immediate family. How could he just give up his position?

“Why would I disagree?”

Lancelot finally grinned and said, “Master White praised my performance, and I’ve already achieved the intermediate stage of the true god status. He asked me to become an elder in the main family. So since I’m leaving for the main family, there will no longer be a house head for the branch families. That’s why we must elect another one!”

“Ah. You–you’re going to become an elder in the main family?”

Sally’s eyes widened; they looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets. It turned out that her father was not being fired. He was going to the main family. He would be in a much higher position there, compared to being the house head for the branch families.

Never mind an elder—the master of the branch families had to treat helmsmen or Patronums with the utmost respect when they came to visit.

“That’s right. So we have to choose another house head. Master White said that so long as someone from the branch families trains till they reach the intermediate stage of the true god status, they would have an opportunity to become an elder in the main family. There will be a chance every few years, all to strengthen the White family!”

Lancelot nodded his head as he spoke.

“That’s great. This arrangement is absolutely fantastic. It’s so much better than before!”

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