No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1193

Jack was stretching himself when he caught a whiff of the barbecue. He walked out of the house.

“Heh. We were afraid that you were training or sleeping, so we didn’t dare to disturb you. The food’s almost ready. We were about to call you!”

Sally walked over happily when she caught sight of Jack. She thrust a plate toward him, a huge slab of meat sitting on it. “I’m not particularly good at anything, but I’ve got mad skills with barbecue. I made this myself. Give it a try!”

“All right. I’ll see just how good you are!”

Jack took a bite out of the meat. His eyes brightened immediately. “This tastes amazing!”

“Hah. Young Master Jack. There’s alcohol here!”

At this moment, Lancelot walked over as well, a smile plastered on his face. He gave the huge bottle of alcohol to Jack.

“Thank you!”

Jack inhaled the heady scent of the alcohol before taking a huge gulp.

It was evident that it was a joyous night, especially for the members of the branch families. All of them had smiles ready at their lips.

The next morning, the branch families got five or six of their masters to briefly spar against each other before choosing three out of them.

They would leave for the main family along with Lancelot and his family in two weeks. Meanwhile, Jack went to another branch family.

Soon enough, he arrived at the entrance of another branch family.

“You brats! You’ll meet your comeuppance one day!”

A woman’s voice rang out from deep within a forest next to Jack. As she must be some considerable distance away, it was practically inaudible if one did not pay attention.

If not for Jack’s sharpened senses, even he would have difficulty catching the voice.

His brows furrowed. He rushed toward the depths of the forest.

There, a middle-aged woman and a younger woman were surrounded by a few men.

The former was breathing heavily, and there were bloodstains at the corner of her mouth. It was obvious that she was seriously injured.

Yet she planted herself between the young woman and the men unwaveringly, glaring at the group before her.

“Heh. You run pretty fast. It wasn’t easy for us to catch up to you here!”

A bald man chuckled. “But we still managed to catch you even though you were about to arrive at your place,” he said. “You must feel hopeless now.”

“You’d better let us go! My father will get people to kill you if he knows about this!”

The young woman looked not much older than Sally, probably around seventeen or eighteen. She snarled at the seven or eight men in front of her, clenching her teeth.

“Heh. I know. Your father is an elder, right?”

The bald man chuckled. “And your mother is the elder’s wife. You two have quite prominent positions!” he said.

Meanwhile, lust burned in another man’s eyes, a small mustache above his upper lip. He gulped. “Patronum, this pair mother-daughter is pretty good-looking. They’re a good catch.”

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