No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1201

“Master Mason, what do you mean by bringing all these people?”

When the Chief of Windfall Pavilion arrived at the square, his face immediately sank to the deepest bottom of the abyss. He did not expect the head of the White branch family—Mason White—to bring over elders and experts of grandmaster level.

He knew by heart that the people in the White branch family had not dared to fight against them all this while. Unless the White had a certain degree of confidence and certainty that they would win the fight. Moreover, he knew extremely well that the main White family had never seemed to care about this matter at all, hence dared not act recklessly and launch attacks at them.

Besides, what frightened the other party the most was once they fought against the Windfall Pavilion; their loss would be so great that it would affect the whole White branch family. It was not worth it at all.

The only thing that the Chief of Windfall Pavilion did not foresee was that Mason had brought someone with him today.

Mason snorted frostily. He clapped his hands as a signal.

Without warning, several men of the White branch family stepped out from the crowd and threw the heads of Patronum Lanich and the gang onto the ground.


The Chief of Windfall Pavilion’s face immediately went white as though all color drained out of his face. “Master Mason, what do you mean by this? How could you simply kill our men? And I don’t remember any of us have robbed you recently!” The Chief hissed angrily.

“Master Mason, don’t think that we’d be afraid of you! We drink blood like the vampires; we’re not ordinary men and certainly not afraid of shedding blood! And our overall combat prowess is no worse than yours!”

Several elders of the Windfall Pavilion huffed and puffed.

“Oh, let me tell you. Today at the bottom of the mountain, near our village, your people robbed our elder’s wife and daughter and even tried to force them both to…”

Mason sneered with an angry smile hanging on his face. “You people are getting bolder and bolder; you’ve crossed the impassable line! Today is your last day on the earth!”

“You’re gonna exterminate us? Heh! Funny! It’s easier to brag, isn’t it?”

The Chief of Windfall Pavilion laughed sarcastically at Mason’s statement. He then balled his fists, and a layer of chi energy enclosed his fists, vibrating vigorously. He swung his fist and blasted toward Mason.

Nevertheless, at this time, Jack moved like a thunderbolt and stood in front of Mason. He blasted his fist against the Chiefs.

A loud thud rang. The seemingly simple punch made a terrifying collision, and the next scene was the Chief of Windfall Pavilion flying several meters backward.

It was thirty meters worth of strength. The Chief of Windfall Pavilion dropped onto the ground, his throat twitched, and a mouthful of warm red liquid spurted out of his mouth—blood.

“You…who the h*ll are you? You have the strength of a true god level, how is that possible? Such combat strength…you’re already at the middle stage of the true god realm, am I right?”

After testing out Jack’s true strength, terror thundered down upon the Chief. No wonder… No wonder Mason and the others would dare to come up the mountain and announce the extermination of the Windfall Pavilion. The White family did actually possess such a strong and powerful force.

“Who am I? It doesn’t matter anymore!”

Jack smiled blandly before he slowly spewed a few more words. “You only have to know that, from today onward, your life belongs to me!”

“Kill them all and leave this fella to me!”

After the last word of his sentence dropped, Jack waved his hand and gave the order.

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