No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1203

“Sh*t. What do we do in the face of a fighter who’s of the true god status?”

Someone was so shocked that all the color leached from his face. For a grandmaster or someone of the demi-god status, there was no way to beat someone of the true god status. His aura alone had this much power, and it was difficult for them to close in on him.

An old man flipped his palm and took out an object that resembled a small tortoiseshell. He imbued in with his chi, and the tortoiseshell emanated a flash of light before growing in size.

That thing was actually a shield.

The old man raised the shield before him and heaved an internal sigh of relief.

“You actually had a treasure like that!”

Munro went speechless when he saw it. Logically speaking, he should have gotten a treasure like that. He never thought that the old man would actually stash it away for himself. If not for the peril they were in, the old man would probably have never taken it out—and Munro would never have known that such a treasure existed.

An attack landed on the shield and glanced off; not a single scratch was left on the tortoiseshell.

Still, that powerful attack sent him stumbling a few meters backward before he regained his footing.

As for the fellows around him, although they had quickly demonstrated their martial skills, they still crumbled like paper before Jack’s attack, and they were all killed.

The old man took the scene in and loosened a breath. Fortunately, he had the luck to obtain such a treasure—which could change its size as well. It made it convenient for him to kept it hidden. He would have been killed over it otherwise.

Munro was displeased because his First Elder had hidden such a treasure, but he did not have the liberty to give it much thought right now. Most of Jack’s attacks were being directed at him.


When he saw the attack, his expression tightened and he threw a fist out. A giant python manifested from the chi that coalesced in his body.

After the python appeared, it roared and charged toward the waves of the sword auras.

Munro quickly constructed a thin, protective bubble of chi around him to keep himself safe right after he threw that attack out. Only then did he feel a little more relaxed. He believed that he would be able to withstand Jack’s attack then.

After all, his attack was considered a pretty high-level skill—one that was second-grade elementary. It could be said to be his trump card.

A resounding explosion tore through the air. He never thought that his python was already starting to crumble beneath Jack’s attack, although a few seconds had not even passed. It was going to disappear soon.

“No way. It only lasted for so long?”

Munro’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets; he was so shocked that he did not know what to say. At least thirty or forty percent of Jack’s attacks were being directed somewhere else, yet he still was not able to withstand the attacks, even after using a second-grade elementary martial skill!

“I have to hold on!”

Munro told himself that, but he already sensed that day might be his very last. That punk was far too strong for him.

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