No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1204

“I have to hold on!”

Munro was repeating the same phrase to himself inside, however, not even one second before he repeated the phrase, everything collapsed.

As soon as the thought of holding on was inside his mind, the giant chi python collapsed and disappeared into thin air completely.

Although his python had successfully neutralized most of Jack’s attack, the remaining attack was still terrifyingly powerful and strong. It landed directly on the top of Munro’s protective bubble of chi.

The sound of the blow was lighter than before, but Munro’s shield of chi could only withstand Jack’s attack for two to three seconds before it completely crumbled and shattered into pieces.

Even after canceling out Jack’s attack with the bubble of chi, the attack still had almost a tenth of the strength left, and it blasted solidly on Munro’s body.

A mouthful of blood spurted out of Munro’s mouth, and he flew backward—like a cannonball—into the roof of the house not far behind him, smashing a hole in the roof and falling onto the floor of the house.


The scene before Jack made the corner of his mouth curl upward, and in the next second, he darted into the house at a lighting speed.

“He’s so f*cking strong! Our Young Master is so f*cking awesome! He actually killed several elite fighters in only one move! And I don’t think Munro can survive this time!”

After killing a demi-god level fighter, Mason looked at Jack’s lightning speed, his eyes filled with shock and puzzlement.

Before they came to the Windfall Pavilion, he was concerned whether Jack could defeat Munro, after all, even he himself was not confident in fighting Munro. However, unexpectedly, Jack not only injured him gravely but also killed several elite fighters for them.

Now, they only had to deal with the remaining, and the job was as easy as ABC.

It could be said that they basically only have to take care of the remaining without having to pay much of a price.

Munro—who had fallen from the roof—hit the ground heavily and spewed out another mouthful of blood. He, who was already injured from the previous attack, was now even more severely injured. His face went white, and all possible colors were drained out of his face; his breath turned weak.

He coughed a few times, and every cough was accompanied by a mouthful of blood. He could barely support himself to stand up.

The third daughter of the Cabello family managed to stand up from the bed. Her limbs were tied up, so she could only hop off the bed and landed on the floor. She tried to muster her chi energy to break the rope.

However, only then did she realize that the Chi Dispersing Pill that Munro had given her was too strong and effective, making it impossible for her to mobilize and gather her chi energy in her body.

According to what Munro had told her before, this strange pill would last for three days; one who swallowed it could not control the chi energy in his or her body—whenever one tried to mobilize the chi energy, it would immediately dissipate. Moreover, if one repeatedly tried to forcefully coagulate the chi energy in the body, he or she would experience some severe damage to their bodies.

Just when the Third Young Mistress Cabello was in despair, Munro fell down from the roof and plopped onto the floor not far below her feet.

“Great, you son of a b*tch! You deserve it!”

The Third Young Mistress Cabello felt a sudden flare of joy inside her, but soon some thought popped up in her mind. “Strange! When I was captured, nobody from the Cabello family had witnessed it. Could it be that someone accidentally saw it, informed my father of it, and then my father brought people to rescue me?” She babbled happily.

When the thought process came to this point, she quickly shook her head to deny it, feeling that it was simply impossible. She was captured and brought there not too long ago, and the Cabello family was in a place where it was almost impossible for the commoners to locate, not to mention that the distance to that place was far. Even if the Cabello family knew about the kidnap, they would at least need ten days to come to her rescue.

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