No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1206

Jack did not bother at all to pay attention to the Third Young Mistress Cabello who just fell heavily onto the ground, instead, he continued walking toward her and aimed the sword in his grip at her.

“No, don’t!”

The Third Young Mistress Cabello thought that this would be her last day. Her brows puckered together, she closed her eyes and shouted with all her strength.

Unfortunately, the Third Young Mistress Cabello had guessed wrongly. Jack flickered the sword in his grip, and the next second the rope that she was tied up in, snapped.

The Third Young Mistress Cabello soon felt that the rope seemed to have loosened, only then did she open one of her eyes to peep. Jack had cut the rope.

“You…you’re not going to kill me?”

The Third Young Mistress Cabello breathed a huge sigh of relief, but soon her face sank again, “Wait, you must have known that I took the Chi Dispersing Pill and knew that I couldn’t control the chi energy in my body to defend myself! That’s why you cut the rope and let go of me, right?” She assumed. “Let me tell you straight, this beautiful body you’re looking at right now, you’re not getting it!”

Jack was once again at a loss for words. “First of all, I’m neither a bandit nor brigand. Secondly, I’m married and have a four-year-old daughter. Although you’re good-looking, I’ve no interest in you at all.” Jack explained with a bitter smile on his face.

He studied the other party, paused for a moment before saying, “Count yourself lucky today to have met me, otherwise, I’m afraid that you’ll end up as the wife of the head of brigands. Hehe, now leave, you’re freed!”

“You, what you say is true?”

Color of disbelief and puzzlement was plastered on the Third Young Mistress Cabello’s face. Did she really misunderstand this man before her and mistaken him as some sort of bad guy? Was he not a bad guy?

“Young Master Jack, great news! We’ve defeated them all! All of us are well except for a few people who suffered an injury. What a great victory!”

At this point in time, the sound of battling outside the house had stopped, and Mason bolted in excitedly.

However, he quickly noticed the beautiful woman in front of him, then he asked, “Who is this woman? And why are there ropes on the ground? Damn, that mother*cker Munro hid a girl here?”

“This is the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family. I don’t know how she got caught. Anyway, she was saved in time.”

Jack let out a bitter laugh and explained.

“The Cabello family? Young Master Jack, aren’t we on bad terms with the Cabello family? The Cabellos always compete and fight against us. How about we kill this Third Young Miss? The head of the Cabello family will not know it anyway. He’d only think that his daughter was killed by these brigands!”

Mason quickly thought of something and proposed to Jack, smilingly.

“Nah, although we have some unpleasant episodes with the Cabello family, all those episodes are rather minor. If we really kill the daughter of the Cabello family, then the problem will become bigger and graver!”

Jack smiled gently and said to the Third Young Mistress Cabello, “Miss Cabello, you’re free to leave!”

“Now I finally know, you’re the Young Master of the White family!”

Daniella Cabello smiled faintly and asked, “You’re the young master of the White branch family here? Your talent is amazingly good! I thank you for saving me this time… So, may I leave now?”

“What? This…”

Mason stepped forward, wanting to tell the other party that this gentleman was the heir of the family head of the main White family.

However, he was quickly held back by a sign from Jack. Jack held out his hand, signaling him not to utter further, thus, Mason immediately had his mouth shut tightly.

“This…? What?”

Daniella frowned and puzzled slightly.

Mason returned with an awkward smile. “Well, I wanted to say that this time it was the White family who saved you, so don’t you ever forget our kind gesture!”

Daniella bobbed her head and replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll go back and tell my father about this. And I’ll let our people pay more attention in the future and not to collide with the White family anymore!”

After Daniella finished her sentence, she looked at Jack again and smiled, “I’m sorry that I’ve misunderstood you before this. Will—will you forgive me?”

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