No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1208

When Mason heard this, he grinned at Jack. “Young Master Jack, she said it herself—you truly don’t know how to recognize a rose,” he said. “Since you saved her in such a dashing manner, of course, she has an interest in you now. How cruel of you to reject her request so outrightly!”

Another elder from another branch family also chipped in, “That’s right. You two look as though you were a match made in heaven. Just agree with her request. The third daughter of the Cabello family is famed for her beauty. How could you decline her just like that?”

Daniella’s cheeks reddened as the two spoke that way. She rolled her eyes at Mason. “What are you talking about? I have no other way out, okay? I won’t have access to my chi for these few days, since I ate those Chi Dispersing Pills. If I run into any danger while I’m alone, I won’t be able to fight back at all.”

Here, Daniella paused before she continued, “That’s why I must stay at your place for two or three days. I’ll leave once my chi comes back!”

“Chi Dispersing Pills?”

Jack frowned. “I never thought that such a pill would exist. It’s my first time hearing of it.”

“Oh, it’s here, Young Master!”

Mason quickly took out one such pill from his martial ring and gave it to Jack.

Jack quickly discovered a counter pill’s prescription, as well as a small pill furnace. “I never thought that Munro would have gotten this. It’s a first-grade elementary pill, but this pill can come in handy. It’s a wonderful product!”

“Really? That man actually knew alchemy. Not everyone can do that. I never thought that Munro knew all this!”

Mason could not help but exclaimed after he heard that.

“Hah. I’ll be keeping the prescription and the pill furnace. It’ll be useful for me!”

Jack laughed. Being able to obtain such items was indeed a propitious incident.

Furthermore, the shield that resembled a tortoiseshell from before seemed pretty good too. However, Jack would only determine how precious it truly was once he had the time to study it properly at home.

“Hah. Just take it if you like it, Young Master. The pills and the pill furnace are useless to us.”

Mason laughed. At that moment, the house on the opposite side began to catch fire. The corpse of Munro’s men burned along with it.

After all the corpse had been cleared, Jack and the others head down the mountain.

“Hey, if you’re not saying anything, I take it that you agree to let me stay at the White family’s place for these few days!”

When she saw that they were leaving, Daniella quickly skipped after Jack.

“Fine. It’s not like we lack rooms!”

Jack could not be bothered with her. This time, the White family had obtained plenty of martial resources. Mason and the others should be overjoyed now.

Mason and the others still had grins plastered onto their faces. Mason sang all the way down the mountain.

“No way, no way. I’m tired!”

Not long after, Daniella was already tired. “All of you are martial practitioners. You all walked in a fast pace walk as though it were nothing. Now that I have no access to my chi, I’m as good as a normal person. I don’t want to walk anymore!”

“You don’t want to walk? Then what should we do? Don’t tell me you want me to carry you?”

Mason stared at her. “What a pain!” he snapped.

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