No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1212

“The Cabello family truly is strong!”

Jack gave a wan smile and threw the words out in a callous manner.

Yet he was internally speechless. It was evident that the First Elder treasured the tome more dearly than his own children—if he had any—and wanted to find the way to break into the ultimate god realm within its pages. There was no way that Jack was going to be able to borrow the tome for a split second. If he did not even allow the third daughter of the Cabello family to take a peek at it, never mind him, a complete outsider.

That was why the only way around that was to get his hand on the tome.

Although Jack was still at the beginning stage of the true god status, he felt that it would not be a problem to kill someone at the intermediate stage of the true god status. He could probably give someone at the advanced stage of the true god status a good run for his money.

However, the First Elder of the Cabello family was at the peak of the true god status. Even among the fighters who were ranked the same as him, he was outstanding. With all this considered, it was impossible to snatch the tome directly from him.

Unless Jack was stronger than the old man. Only then did he have a chance.

“Of course. The Cabello family is probably one of the top 3 strongest families among the eight shadow families. But the strongest still isn’t us!”

Daniella had a huge grin plastered onto her face. It was evident that the Cabello family gave her a lot of pride.

Soon after, they finally arrived at the residence of one of the branch families. Jack set Daniella down.

“Not bad. I thought you would have abandoned me halfway down the mountain. I didn’t expect you to really carry me all the way here!”

A smile curved Daniella’s lips when she saw the beads of perspiration on Jack’s forehead. She laced her fingers behind her back. “Don’t tell me that you wanted to carry me for a while longer?” she said. “Is that why you didn’t put me down?”

Jack was internally speechless. In order to dispel some of her worries, he had struck a conversation about the Cabello family—at the same time, he could understand her family’s situation a little better. As they spoke, they gradually came close to the village. He was not giving her much thought, honestly.

He gave a bitter smile. “No one would want to carry you for a while longer, with you being so heavy,” he replied. “I just forgot to put you down because I was talking to you. I would have dropped you at the foot of the mountain if I had realized it earlier!”

“As if I’d believe you!”

Daniella rolled her eyes. “Where are you staying?” she asked bashfully. “I’ll stay in the house beside yours!”


Jack did not know what to say. “Why do you want to follow me? Don’t tell me that you like me now? I do have some confidence in my charm, after all!”

He was only joking, but his words made Daniella panic. She quickly wheeled around, cheeks flushing. “What are you talking about? No way that I like you. There are plenty of other young masters who are better than you,” she said. “Hmph. I just had the impression that you’re a pretty good person, so you won’t get any funny thoughts. That’s why I wanted to stay beside you!”

Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry. He stretched his arms. “I’ll get them to choose two talented youths and their branch family master in the afternoon, then I’ll be moving to another branch family tomorrow morning!” he said. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell the branch family members that I’ll skin anyone who dares to lay a finger on you alive!”

“That won’t do!”

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