No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1213

Unexpectedly, Daniella immediately retorted, “If something happens to you and my purity is tainted by someone, it’ll still be a great loss to me, even if you kill that someone. Besides, not a single one of the lives of your branch families is worth mine. Hmph! At any rate, I’ll be tagging you around for these few days. I only trust you now. I’ll leave once my chi returns to me!”

“Fine. It doesn’t matter to me anyway!”

Jack brought her along and instructed Mason to arrange a room at the place he was staying for Daniella.

In the afternoon, Mason and the others had categorized their spoils of war—including spirited grass—and lay it before Jack, allowing him to choose whichever objects he liked.

After he studied the items for a while, Jack only chose a few stalks of medicine that would be suited to make chi pills.

“There’s plenty of spirited grass here, Young Master. Why don’t you take more?”

Their First Elder blurted after he noticed that Jack had picked out so few items.

“No need. I have enough!”

Jack smiled. “Mason will be leaving for the main family. Have you selected your next house head?”

The First Elder gave an apologetic smile. “They all chose me. So I–I have no choice but to take up the mantle of house head of this branch family.”

Jack bobbed his head. “Then what about the talents? I need two names. Will you be using a fighting competition to decide on the champions, or do you already have obvious talents among you?”

“We do have two clear masters in our house, Master,” Mason explained as he stepped forward. “Amos and Dawson. We wanted to nominate them both, but the Second Elder’s granddaughter, Nikini, still wants to have a martial arts competition, even though she’s not as strong as either of them… What should we do?”

Jack was slightly taken aback when he heard this. “How big is the gap between them?” he asked.

“Amos and Dawson are at the intermediate stage of the demi-god status, whereas Nikini is at the beginning stage of the demi-god status. Seriously, I don’t know what that girl is thinking. She’s a whole level lower than them but still insists on a battle to prove their position. No way that it’ll be easy for her to beat them. Besides, she just broke into the beginning stage of the demi-god status. That kid…”

At this moment, a teenage girl not too far away stood up and cried out to Jack, “Young Master Jack, choosing masters is not solely a matter based on their current fighting skill, am I right? I won’t be satisfied unless we have a competition, at least. My parents also wish for me to enter the White family. My chance to uphold my family’s name depends on this!”

Jack nodded his head after he heard that. “All right. We’ll have a competition since someone is unsatisfied with the selection criteria!”

After he said that, he addressed the audience, “Those of you who are not satisfied may step forward as well to participate in the battle. Does anyone wish to pit themselves against the three of them?”

Jack waited for a while. No one raised their voice, so he spoke to Nikini, “All right, you can choose to fight either Dawson or Amos. I’ll judge your potential based on the duel!”

“Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

Nikini’s heart leaped in delight when he agreed to her proposal. Her eyes flickered between Dawson and Amos. “Heh, I’ll fight you, Dawson!” she finally declared.

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