No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1215

Beside them, Nikini’s mother could not continue looking at them so she asked her husband.

“It’s alright, she has always had this character of unwillingness to lose. I won’t persuade her on this!” Although he was also extremely distressed, Nikini’s father still tightened his fists and said persistently.

“Sigh!” Nikini’s mother sighed.

After a while, Nikini flew backward once again and laid on the floor. She once again vomited blood and her face grew increasingly pale compared to previously.

“Nikini, admit defeat, you’re not my opponent!” Dawson also felt sorry for this young girl as he looked at Nikini.

After all, they had a good relationship between them. To search for martial enhancement material, the youngsters of the branch families had always been taking care of one another in that dangerous forest. They also grew up together and had good relationships.

However, they had to fight on that day for their respective futures.

“I have not lost yet! You will not admit defeat so easily!” Nikini gritted her teeth and once again stood up. She curled her fists and once again rushed outward.

However, her speed had obviously decreased and Dawson managed to easily evade her punch, instead he flipped his hand and slapped her on her back.

Nikini flew forward and fell face down on the floor. Blood splattered and some dirt sputtered upward.

“This girl!” Nikini’s mother could not hold it back anymore and yelled at her. “Nikini, admit defeat, you’re not Dawson’s opponent.”

“Mother… I…I can still fight!” Nikini once again stood up and still wanted to fight.

“Enough!” At this moment, Jack actually said softly and the entire area quieted down.

“Young Master Jack, I haven’t admitted defeat. This competition is not over yet!” Nikini looked at Jack with expectations written all over her face.

“There’s no need to continue fighting!” Jack smiled at her before speaking loudly to the crowd. “After observing the battle between them, I have to say that they are all masters that are hard to come by. It’s a great thing for the branch families to have such great masters. I believe that they will definitely be masters of the true god status in the future if they are nicely groomed and trained!”

Jack paused here before continuing to speak. “Hence, I’ve decided to add a position for this branch family. Dawson, Amos, and Nikini, the three of you only need to follow Patronum Mason and report yourselves to the main family!”

“What! Is…Is this true?” Nikini’s parents were extremely excited and had no idea what to say.

“Your daughter is really marvelous, I’ll give you guys another quota!” Jack nodded in satisfaction and said while looking at them.

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