No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1218

The old man, who carried the surname Lagorio and brought Lily back, explained, “It all happened like this: Lance has yet to return, and since there was no news of him, the White family members have been searching for him.”

The old man paused before continuing, “None of their searches came up fruitfully, however, and the White family members naturally thought that Young Master Lance is dead. Coincidentally, the White family master, Nash White wanted to meet his mistress in the outside world, Joan and his illegitimate child, Jack. Displeased, Eldest Miss secretly poisoned Nash. Nash wasn’t suffering any weird disease—he was poisoned by a rather peculiar poison…”

The old man slowly told the Lagorios everything, from the beginning to the end, with a cold expression.

Old Master Lagorio was infuriated with everything he heard and pointed at Lily angrily. “Lily, what… What did you do? No wonder Nash destroyed your fighting prowess and expelled you out of the White family. The Third Elder is so old, and you don’t cherish your position as the Eldest Madam. You actually poisoned Nash and even got together with the Third Elder?! You shame me so!”

The old master grew extremely agitated as he spoke, so angry that his entire face turned green. He never thought his granddaughter would do something like this. If news of this got out, the Lagorio family will lose all their honor.

“Grandfather, I did all of this for our family!” Lily, on the other hand, still had no remorse as she glared at the old master angrily. “We supported the White family so much in the beginning,” she argued, “and shouldn’t they support us now that they’ve risen? I secretly took many martial enhancement materials together with the Third Elder, but he didn’t take much. Didn’t I bring all of it to our Lagorio family?”

Lily grew increasingly agitated as she spoke, “Apart from that, Lance is so talented. Why must the position of the family master inheritor be given to the illegitimate child, Jack? On what grounds? We gave so much, and I gave so much for the White family, so the next family master of the White family has to be my son!”

Master Lagorio also nodded and said to the old master. “Father, I also feel that what Lily says makes sense. Lily shouldn’t have been with the Third Elder and the others, but it was for our family. Otherwise, how could we have gotten so much martial enhancement materials over these years? Apart from that, I also feel that the White family master should be my grandson. Lance is so talented and worked so hard. Why should a young man who returned from the outside inherit the title instead?”

The old master sighed and said, “But Lance hadn’t returned after such a long time, and there’s a huge possibility that he’s dead. No matter what, that guy named Jack is Nash’s son. It’s not going overboard if he wants to meet his son and wife after so many years. It’s also nothing if he wants them to return and restore their positions.”

The Lagorio family master, Trenton Lagorio, solemnly nodded. “It’s definitely nothing, but I don’t agree if he, Nash White give the position of family master inheritor to Jack. Apart from that, even though my daughter made mistakes, it doesn’t matter if he expels her out of the White family…but why did he need to destroy her fighting prowess? How many years does she need to train to get back to her original fighting prowess? Even if she managed to train back, my daughter would be old by then!”

Old Master Lagorio was speechless—it did seem like Nash went too far. Yes, Lily made some grave mistakes, but the White family wouldn’t have had their current position if the Lagorios hadn’t helped. No matter how huge the mistake Lily made was, it shouldn’t have resulted in her being expelled from the White family. Destroying her fighting prowess was much more painful than killing her.”

He also felt a wave of heartache when he saw how haggard Lily had become.

Lily almost started crying as she spoke, “Father, I don’t care. From today onward, the White family is our enemy. I want to wipe out the entire White family! I want to make them pay!”

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