No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1221

However, Old Master Lagorio shook his head. “We can’t kill him no matter what. If news about this gets out, our Lagorio family will be the laughing stock of the entire world.”

“Why? We’re getting rid of a hidden problem. Apart from that, he’s a member of our Lagorio family, and now he’s an accomplice to the enemy, willing to work for the White family. Could it be possible that the other families will say something if we kill him?” The First Elder frowned, unable to comprehend his logic.

Old Master Lagorio replied, “His sons died fighting for our Lagorio family in the past, and he did nothing to wrong our Lagorio family. Won’t others say we’re savages when news about this gets out?”

Old Master Lagorio placed both arms behind his back and looked at the area where Xavier left. He continued to speak, “He would’ve died if he sided with Lily from the beginning and instead of being with the White family to repay their kindness. Sending Lily home is a generous act from his part.”

At this moment, Trenton also nodded. “True… If nobody escorted Lily back after her fighting prowess was destroyed, who knew what dangers she’d face as she returned alone. Surely, the White family won’t send somebody to escort her back. Xavier’s action of proactively sending my daughter back here is considered as him doing something great for our Lagorio family.”

The First Elder, after hearing their rational thoughts, nodded. “You’re right… And I acted out of impulse just now. Thankfully, the old master stopped me, or I would’ve done something I’d regret for life. After all, Xavier sent Eldest Miss back without anyone telling him and if I killed him then and there, we’d get the bad brunt of it all if people found out.”

“Nevermind, nevermind… We’ll be enemies in the future, and we can attack without holding back the next time we meet him.” The old master sighed before he added, “Lily gave us a lot of martial enhancement material during the previous two to three years, and our family has grown quite a lot, though we still beat them—both parties will lose. We still need to make plans if we want to avenge Lily.”

Diana said angrily, “It’s indisputable Nash is responsible over how my daughter ended up in this situation today. Why did he have to get Joan and Jack back home? None of this would’ve happened if he didn’t have such thoughts. He should’ve focused on solely searching for my grandson and making him the family master! He’s the one in the wrong, and that’s why my daughter would go to such extremes.”

Another slightly younger middle-aged man also said angrily, “We have to avenge my sister. Sadly, it’s been four months and we still haven’t found Lance without even a clue or lead to where he is. It’s going to be very difficult. Not only him, but there’s also no clues about those from the other families. After all, they went hunting for treasures together!”

“No matter what, let’s send a dozen people to start searching from tomorrow onward. If we don’t do that, Lily will forever be restless.” The old man smiled bitterly. He thought about it and soon his eyes lit up. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. One month later, there will be a martial art competition among the younger generations of the eight shadow families, right? A martial art competition that happens once every three years. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage.”

Trenton’s eyes also lit up after he heard this and smilingly added, “Yes, this is a huge event. The White family definitely suffered a huge loss after what happened this time. If we tell others about this, many families which are of the same capabilities as them won’t agree to their position and identity!”

Diana thought about it and said, “Some families had quite the rift with the White family, such as the Cabello family, and there are also those who had smaller disputes with them. If we can drive a wedge between them and deepen their conflicts, we’d be able to act together with them. There’s a possibility for us to win if we fight against the White family together!”

Old Master Lagorio also nodded and said, “Seems like rallying with other families will be our only option; we’d be delusional if we plan to wipe out the White family on our own.”

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