No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1223

Although she could not use her Chi, Daniella still retained her physical strength.

Hoisting herself up with one hand, Daniella saddled herself on the back of the horse, smiling at Jack as she called out, “Come sit behind me; I’ll carry you!”

“This doesn’t seem right, though…?” Jack felt slightly embarrassed, seeing they were of two different genders. This Third Young Mistress Cabello was not only pretty, but she had a nice figure to boot as well. Jack tried not to hold back unnecessary thoughts when he carried her on his back yesterday, though he was still a young and vigorous man, so there were occasions where he still had some interruptions in his thoughts.

If he had to sit behind Daniella on that horse throughout their journey, he feared that…

Daniella, on the other hand, silently harbored interest in Jack when she noted how shy he was when a rather ‘interesting’ opportunity was given between the two.

She rolled her eyes at Jack and sourly remarked, “Are you a man? You don’t even have the balls to jump up here. I’m only willing to carry you because you carried me up the mountain yesterday, and I want to pay back this favor. Alas, though you’re a man, you’re still not man enough to get up here.”

Mason tried to bite back a smile as he stood near. Why did it sound like these two were flirting like lovers?

Apart from that, he prepared one horse for today with hopes to see them riding a horse when Daniella left with Jack. Who could have expected that Jack would not do it?

“Who says I’m not man enough? You’re no tiger—you think I’m afraid of you?”

Jack threw himself up and saddled the horse behind Daniella.

However, Jack dared not sit too close, seeing the physical differences of men and women. He purposely distanced himself so their bodies would not touch.

“We’ll meet again at the main family’s residence, Young Master Jack, but it seems like we’ll have to wait much longer, seeing as you may need around one month to finish doing everything.” Mason waved his hand with a smile when he saw how awkward Jack had gotten.

“Goodbye, Young Master Jack!” Everybody immediately waved and said goodbye to Jack.

“Alright, everybody, do go back. You’ve gotten lots of martial enhancement materials after we wiped out the horse thieves, so it’s best if you guys take this time to train well. Those who are able to break through should strive to go up another level.” Jack looked at the crowd as he waved and bade farewell.

“We’ll take our leave no. Go!” Daniella pulled the reins and softly nudged the horse with her heel. The tall and handsome Blood Dragon Horse, with that, began to race away.

“Ah!” Caught off-guard at the sudden motion, Jack was frightened as the horse rushed forward, stopping for a while before it raced again. Jack fell right against Daniella’s back due to inertia, hugging Daniella’s waist in a conditioned reflex.

“Ah!” Daniella shrieked at the sudden contact, blushing sheepishly as her heart raced. She was inwardly relieved, nonetheless, as the horse had brought them several hundred meters away from the eyes of the White branch family members… How embarrassing would it be if they saw it all!

Jack was flushed out embarrassed. “This… This horse runs really fast!” His heart thumped uncontrollably as he hugged her delicate waist. Their bodies rubbed against each other as the horse galloped and ran. All out of ideas and embarrassed, Jack attempted to shift the awkwardness with a different topic.

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