No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1224

“This horse is rather fast!” Daniella had ridden a fair share of Blood Dragon Horses when she was young, though she stopped as she grew up and trained her fighting prowess instead.

Never before had a man sat behind her with his arms around her waist; never did she think such a day would come as well.

Her heart was thrashing against her ribcage that it felt like jumping out of her chest at that moment.

All Daniella could do was act normal and speak normally. With Jack’s chest against her back, she felt much shier than she was yesterday when Jack carried her.

It was not long when Jack realized something quickly reminded Daniella, “No, no, we’re going the wrong way. Go right!”

That baffled Daniella. “Well, why didn’t you say so earlier? I don’t know where your next branch family is located!” Not knowing where to go, she only knew to continuously run forward and had totally forgotten to ask Jack which direction to go.

“There’s a small power that relies on our family over there. Although they’re not members of the White branch families, they’ve been treating the White family well. They had always handed in materials based on the requested percentage. We can’t leave any of these powers when we’re choosing prodigies to join the main family!”

Jack smiled and spoke, “We can’t let them down, right?”

“No, we can’t… Seems like you really think for everyone else. You’ll make a good family master if someone like you becomes the family master!” Daniella blushed. “However, the family master’s position is normally inherited by the family master’s son. If your father isn’t the family master, you won’t inherit the family master title no matter how talented you are.”

That caught Jack off-guard.

Daniella obviously knew Jack was one of the young masters from the White main family. He might be the son of an elder or a patronum and was out running chores for the family. What she did not know was that Jack was indeed the White family master’s son and the main family master’s inheritor.

He smiled sheepishly. “I’m not really interested in that.”

Daniella wore a silk dress, and though it was made of good material, it was still rather thin. With nowhere to place his hands, Jack wrapped his arms around her waist and felt the silkiness of her skin at the same time.

Considering it was his first time riding a horse—and a rather feisty, fast one at that—he feared he would fall down. Because of that, he could only act nonchalant and placed his hands on her waist.

He purposely made small talk with Daniella the entire trip with hopes to ease the embarrassing atmosphere.

“You’re genuinely not interested in the family master position. You’re quite a special person!” Daniella grew interested in getting to know Jack in their journey, and she noticed that. This man was obviously different from the other men she met previously.

However, Daniella could not help but frown after they rode on for some time…

The embarrassing thought occurred to her as she blushed so much that blood seemed to be bursting out from it.

Jack was also speechless, thinking of how disappointing his acts were.

Soon, the both of them arrived at the entrance of a small village.

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