No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1229

Resting for a couple of minutes, the Owens family’s prodigies came to Jack’s room not long after.

“Young Master Jack, is there anything important that you’ve asked us to come?” asked the duo curiously, glancing at one another when they realized that Daniella was also in the room.

Jack had cultivated five first-grade intermediate-level pills just now. He took two out with a flip of his hand and said, “Here’s one for each of you. These are first-grade intermediate-level pills, used to increase fighting prowess. They should be able to help you both break through and achieve the elementary level of the demi-god stage. I suggest that you both spend some time here and leave for the main family after you’ve broken through. That would help increase your speed when you travel.”

“W—What? This…this is for us?” The young man gulped, wondering if he heard wrongly. These were pills, and having these were much better than having spirited grass.

It was because of this that pills were extremely precious and hard to obtain.

Jack had genuinely taken two incredibly rare items to give them both!

“Thank you, Young Master!” The young girl took the pills with a small frown on her face before her expression shifted into utter shock and awe. “Why… Why are these still hot?”

The man took the other pill and was just as surprised. “Oh, my stars… It’s still hot! Are these recently cultivated?”

Jack nodded at their shocked faces. “Haha…! Yes, they are, considering I had just cultivated them. There’s no loss of Chi from the pills, so the effects are best if you take it right now. While it’s not much, the pills will gradually lose their Chi.”

“You’re incredible, Young Master Jack! Did you truly cultivate these pills yourself? That’s mighty kind of you to cultivate these yourselves for us!” The young girl was extremely excited. “I… I don’t know how to thank you for this!”

“That’s right, Young Master Jack. I had no idea that you’re so nice and considerate toward us…” The guy gazed at Jack appreciatively yet guiltily, as he did second-guess Jack while he stayed in the residence merely to cultivate pills for them. He thought Jack had his eye on his beautiful prodigy companion from their Owens family. Thinking back at it, he truly was gauging the heart of a gentleman with his own mean measures!

“Alright, we should leave. I need to save time and complete my mission as soon as possible!” Jack glanced at the two prodigies and said, “The two of you don’t need to send me off; just train well. The best way to repay me is to break through the demi-god level soon.”

They then left for the village’s entrance once more. At this moment, the Blood Dragon Horse was full and was enjoying the warm sunshine.

Daniella brought the horse over, subtly shy when she glanced at Jack. Getting up the horse, she said to Jack, “Come up. I don’t know which directions the next branch family is at, so you need to lead the way!”

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