No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1231

Jack fell silent for a moment before he spoke, “That’s not the only problem. You’ve been out for so long, and if you don’t go back, the Cabello family members will search everywhere for you when they learn you’ve been captured. Won’t your parents be worried if you don’t go back for such a long time?”

Daniella’s face darkened when she heard this. She thought about it and said, “They don’t know I was captured by Munro Quinn. All they know is that I’ve gone out to play, so they won’t be too worried since I have good fighting prowess, though they’ll still worry if I don’t come home after quite some time.”

Stopping the horse at that moment, she turned to Jack and smilingly spoke, “However, I’ve made up my mind to follow you to the White family to play. After all, you guys will be joining the martial arts competition within several days, so I’ll follow you to the competition and meet my parents then…”

“A… Alright!” Jack nodded, agreeing to her stance. It was nice to have a genial relationship with this Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family, and he would at least get information about the Cabello family…even if it was to learn about the Cabellos’ first elder so he could take the ancient book from them.

Jack kept his thoughts in check, however, reminding himself that he needed to prioritize breaking through into the intermediate or the later stage of the true-god level. Only then could he get the ancient book.

Otherwise, he would not stand a chance against that person.

Jack thought about it and set a goal for himself. “It’s alright. Fernando has three years, so I’ll try my best to strive and grow as quickly as I can.”

“That’s set, then. You’ve made your promise!” Delighted that Jack agreed to her, she then called out to the horse as it began to gallop again.

As the saying went, ‘familiarity breeds fondness,’ they both met every day for the next 20 days as Jack would sit behind Daniella and held her waist. Unknowingly, an unfamiliar feeling for Daniella blossomed within Jack.

There were even times when Jack could not control his excitement when he sat behind this beauty and caught whiffs of her pleasant scent.

His understanding of Daniella had grown over those 20 days. While she was considerably arrogant and spoilt by the Cabello family, she was not a bad person. Apart from that, she was also a simple and uncomplicated person.

She did not seem to place her guard up against Jack, at least.

“Goodness, I’m tired from all this running around with you during these couple of days!” When they finally left the last branch family, Daniella, who was on the horse’s back, could not help but complain. “Apart from that, there are several clans and families on this trip who think I’m your beautiful wife. I’m really looking forward to seeing how your wife looks.”

“The past couple of days must’ve been tiring for you!” Jack smiled. “As for my wife, you’ll meet her as you follow me to the White family.”

“‘It must’ve been tiring for you’? No, that won’t do—you gotta treat me to a drink at least!” said the grinning Daniella.

“Alright. Let’s go left and follow that direction. We can rest for a night if we see a town, seeing that it’s almost nightfall. I’ll treat you to a drink tonight as a reward for your help these couple of days. How does that sound?”

“That’s more like it!” Daniella rolled her eyes at Jack, but her heart felt like it was lathered by something honey-like and sweet.

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