No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1234

Upon seeing who came for them, both burly men scrambled to their feet from the floor as they whimpered and muttered, “Young master, this young girl is too…too much…! She hit members of our Murphy family!”

Annoyed, Young Master Murphy glared at both men. “You’re both useless. You can’t even win in a fight against a woman!”

“Young Master, this woman has the fighting prowess of the demi-god level, and it’s only natural that we in the grandmaster stage will lose…!” one of them reasoned as he held his abdomen, face scrunched up in pain. “She doesn’t look to be from around here and seems to be more than just a casual trainer!”

“Demi-god level?” Young Master Murphy’s face darkened when he heard this. A person with this level of fighting prowess would be regarded as a master.

His father was also in the final stages of the demi-god level and was a considerably formidable force in this town. Their family also had several masters, but they could not go offending some master of the demi-god level, especially those of the last or peak stage.

That was why he held back from promptly acting out, even though many were present.

Jack, who was next to them, smiled indifferently and said, “They deserved what came for them. This is the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family, yet they dared to ridicule and said she’s a trophy woman. Aren’t they asking for it?”

“Cabello family…?” Although Young Master Murphy was a young master in this small town, he was quite knowledgeable. He inhaled sharply when he learned she was from the Cabello family and noticed how beautiful this young woman in front of him was.

The Cabello family was one of the eight shadow families.

“Here, this is my token.” Daniella flipped her hand and revealed a black-colored token, shoving it to their faces soon after.

The other party broke out in cold sweat when he recognized the token and thanked himself for not picking a fight with them both. He was also lucky that he did not have other thoughts when he saw how beautiful this girl was. Otherwise… Forget the restaurant—their entire Murphy family would disappear from this world in a blink of an eye.

“It really i—is the Third Young Mistress Cabello!” The man from the Murphy family gulped before turning to the two well-built men and barked, “You buffoons! This is the third young mistress of the Cabello family! How dare you two offend her?”

Terrified, both men knelt on the ground and bowed incessantly as they begged Daniella, “We’re sorry, Third Young Mistress Cabello! Please forgive us! We’re really ignorant and had no idea that Third Young Mistress Cabello would come to such a humble place as ours. That is why we offended you!”

“Hmph!” Daniella indignantly spoke, “Who gave you the right to call me a trophy woman? Take them out and kill them, or I’ll wipe out the entire Murphy family!”

Overwhelmed with horror, Young Master Murphy inhaled deeply and snapped, “Take them both out and kill them!”

There was nothing he could have done. Under such circumstances, comforting Third Young Mistress Cabello was better than anything befalling on the Murphy family.

“Please forgive us, Third Young Mistress…! We know that we’re at fault, and we won’t do it again!” Both burly men were so frightened that their legs turned into jelly and were paralyzed on the floor.

Several other men pulled up both men, ready to take them outside.

“Let it go, Daniella. You can’t blame them, seeing as they genuinely don’t know who you are,” interjected Jack after assessing the situation. “I say, have them slap themselves a 100 times and we’ll let this go.”

Daniella blushed when she heard what Jack said, but she nonetheless turned to the Murphies and said, “Alright, alright. I won’t take your lives as Jack is treating me to a meal today. Since he asked for forgiveness on your behalf, I’ll spare you both. Slap yourselves for a hundred times then!”

“Of course, of course…!”

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