No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1237

“Haha… Is this a joke? You expect me to accompany that fat-ass with one piece of useless spirited stone?” Daniella laughed.

Jack also could not help but stand up. “Didn’t you hear when she asked you to f*ck off?”

This was the first time he purposely brought Daniella out for a meal and it started off with an unhappy incident. Jack was also unhappy as they were suddenly disturbed hence he did not want to be nice to the other party.

Daniella was secretly happy and touched when she saw how Jack was slightly angry.

In her opinion, Jack proactively stood forward and got mad meant that he had some of affection toward her. Why was Jack so angry if he did not like her?

“Who are you? How dare you speak to me this way?” The man was one of the butlers in Young Master Ladenberg’s family and he was considered a highly positioned person in the Ladenberg family.

However, he never liked to take action under normal circumstances. In his opinion, most of the situations could be resolved by using spirited stones. There was no need to take action if the issues could be resolved by using spirited stones.

“Who am I?” Jack humphed coldly and directly punched the other party in the head.

Jack did not use much strength but this butler of the Ladenberg family flew directly several meters backward before landing on the floor with blood trickling down his nose.

“What the f*ck?!” Young Master Ladenberg directly slammed his hand on the table and stood up when he saw that his subordinate was hit. “Attack them and kill the guy. Capture the woman and bring her over. F*ck, they need to submit to pressure after turning down my nice request.”

“Attack!” Several of Young Master Ladenberg’s subordinates immediately rushed toward Jack.

“Don’t blame me since you guys are the suicidal ones!” Jack flipped his hand and took the black sword out when he saw the group of people daringly rush forward.

With several swipes of his sword, the people who rushed forward were killed.

Many guests on the second floor were frightened and hid directly by the side when they saw that there was a fight.

“Who are these two? How dare they kill the Ladenberg family’s people!” Some of them could not help but started discussing what happened. Everything was moving so quickly and they only realized what happened when the Ladenberg family’s subordinates were killed by that young man.

Jack directly went in front of the Ladenberg family’s butler after he killed all those people and looked at him coldly.

“Young man, do you know who our young master is? I think you…” The Ladenberg family’s butler wanted to threaten Jack. However, he was killed by Jack before he had the chance to finish speaking.

The butler fell onto the ground, dead.

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