No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1238

“Ah!” Both women in Young Master Ladenberg’s arms were so frightened that they turned pale. They immediately ran away and hid at a corner.

“Young…young man, I’m the young master of the Ladenberg family. You will be going against the Ladenberg family if you dare kill me!” Young Master Ladenberg stood up and pointed at Jack. His voice and his finger, however, were trembling and he was obviously afraid.

Jack did not pay much attention to him and carried out his attack. He then turned around and walked toward Daniella while putting his sword away.

Young Master Ladenberg fell onto the ground in disbelief as he covered his neck with both his hands.

“This… This…” Several subordinates of the Murphy family were surprised when they ran over to take a look. They immediately ran downstairs.

One of them went toward Young Master Murphy. “Young master, this is great! That guy really killed Young Master Ladenberg! Haha… Even heaven is helping us!”

“Is that true? Why haven’t you guys sent the message to the Ladenbergs yet? Go change your clothes as it’s bad if the Third Young Mistress Cabello and the others learned that we were the ones who sent the message!” Young Master Murphy reminded his subordinate with a smile after he thought about it.

“Haha… Alright, young master! I’m on my way now!” The subordinate then went to change his clothes happily.

After Jack killed those people, he went back to where Daniella was and sat down. “What an annoyance. Who knew that we would meet such annoying people the first time officially treating the Young Mistress Cabello to a meal. I hope this has not affected your mood for food.”

How could Daniella blame Jack when she felt as sweet as if she had taken honey. She felt that Jack had killed those people because he was unhappy with them bullying her. Apart from that, she was extremely happy as Jack acted in such a decisive and unhesitating manner just now.

“Don’t worry, such a small issue would not affect my mood!” Daniella placed her arms on the table and placed her head in between her hands as she looked at Jack happily. Her beautiful eyes were filled with love for Jack.

Jack’s heart stopped for a moment when he saw how Daniella looked at him with the infatuated smile at the corners of her mouth.

He was not dumb so he had already realized that Daniella had feelings toward him and he had no idea how to respond to her feelings.

Luckily the waiter served their food at that moment. All the dishes that were served smelled extremely good.

“It smells so good! We can start eating!” Jack smiled and said to the waiter. “By the way, please serve us some of your best wine here!”

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

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