No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1241

Large beads of perspiration dropped from Master Ladenberg’s forehead. His face had gone white. He would have been the dead one if he had not reacted in time.

“Go for him! Attack him together!”

However, he saw the body of his son on the floor, and he saw the numbers he had on his side. Master Ladenberg gave the order.

“Heh. You think that you can beat me because you have more people?”

Jack chuckled and looked at Daniella. “Please continue to eat. Just leave these vermin to me!”

After he said that, he stamped his foot and rushed toward the men.


A smile tinged Daniella’s lips. Warmth filled her chest. Jack actually told her to stay put? It seemed that the man truly cared for her.

Frightening sounds of fighting rang out. Many of those who were dining were terrified and jumped straight from the second floor in fear of being roped into the cacophony.

The men from the Ladenberg family were no match for Jack. In a flash, they had all dropped onto the floor, chests no longer heaving.

“Young Master Jack, you–you’re so strong!”

Young Master Maack had pretended to find out about the situation and leisurely came forward to check the scene out. He was wickedly delighted when he saw the bodies on the floor, yet still, he pulled a mask of bewilderment. “You’re so strong. The master of the Ladenberg family is the strongest fighter in our city. I never thought that you would beat him so fast!”

Jack gave him an impassive look and kept his sword. “Can I trouble you to clean the corpses up around here?”

“Not a problem at all. I am at your service, Young Master White!”

Young Master Maack immediately ordered his subordinates to clear the bodies up. He had been waiting that very day for a long time, but never had the opportunity to do so until then.

“That felt good!”

Jack walked over and sat beside Daniella. “I don’t think anyone will be disturbing us now.”

After he said that, Jack took huge swigs out of the wine bottle.

Daniella was internally speechless when she saw him drinking as though there was no tomorrow. “You can’t just drink like that, Jack,” she hurriedly reminded him. “It’s monkey wine. It’s not regular alcohol. You can’t drink it that way even if you have a high alcohol tolerance. It’s extremely potent, and even martial artists can easily get drunk on it!”

Here, Daniella paused before she continued, “Besides, only people who have drunk this twice or thrice before will be able to drink more as their bodies have adjusted to it. But even then, they can’t just gulp it down. You’ll definitely get drunk if you’ve never drunk it before!”

“No way. Is–is it that strong?”

Jack was internally speechless. He did not feel anything at all and had only thought that it was good wine. He had not cared much when Daniella had advised him to drink it slowly, but he never thought that this wine would make even martial artists, drunk.

Still, he suspected Daniella’s words. Others might have gotten drunk because their alcohol tolerance was lower. His was naturally high.

He smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. I know my own limit. I won’t drink anymore once I get dizzy!”

“Oh, okay then. I just wanted to tell you because you were gulping it down!”

Daniella offered a wan smile and scooped some vegetables for Jack. “Eat up. This hotel’s restaurant has pretty good food!”

Young Master Maack, who was arranging for the bodies to be cleared up and the area to be tidied, noticed her gesture toward Jack. What a lucky guy, to be able to be served by such a beautiful woman.


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