No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1247

Jack picked up Kylie who ran to him and planted a kiss on her cheek; his action was full of love and dote.


Kylie bobbed her head and said in a childish tone, “Mommy said she will ask you to take me to the town below the mountain to have fun when you return!”

“Haha, alright, alright! I’ll take little Kylie and Mommy to go to the town and play together tonight!”

Jack chortled wholeheartedly.

“This is your daughter? She’s cute and good-looking!”

Daniella, who was standing next to Jack, could not help but smile awkwardly at the affectionate exchange between the Father and the Daughter.

“Yup, her name is Kylie!”

Jack smiled. He held Kylie in his arms and paced in the direction of Lana, Fiona, and the others.

“Well. Needless to say, this beautiful woman, she is your wife, am I right? She really has a good figure!”

Before Jack could introduce the others to Daniella, she studied Lana and uttered with a smile plastered on her face.

Lana’s spirits immediately brightened, and her cheeks turned red. “No, no. I’m not his wife, I’m his disciple! My name is Lana!” She quickly explained.

After the explanation, Lana looked at Jack and asked, “Master, and this girl is?”

Only then did Jack smile and introduced Daniella. “This is the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family, Daniella Cabello!”

“The Cabello family? One of the eight shadow families?”

After hearing Jack’s words, surprise dawned upon Lana’s face. How could she have imagined that the Third Young Mistress Cabello knew Jack and followed him back to the White residence?

Moreover, they looked close. It seemed that the relationship between the two was good.

“Yes! You’re right!”

“I heard that Jack’s wife is the queen of beauty. And when I looked at you, I thought you were his wife. I didn’t expect that his disciple would be such a beauty too. Hehe. The White family has a lot of pretty women, I presume.” Daniella chucked and continued.

Lana could barely conceal her delight after hearing Daniella’s sincere praise for her. “I’m nowhere near a beauty. I heard that the Cabello family has three beautiful daughters who are known as the Three Golden Flowers; they’re all famous for their beauty. I think only those who live in the secular world would have not known your presence. Many shadow families are keen to meet any of you!”

On the other hand, Jack smiled at the exchange and approached Fiona, “Ma, how’re you guys doing? Everything fine here?”

Fiona laughed in return. “Of course, everything is fine! Although Andrew and I were a little too old to start practicing martial arts, I heard from our in-laws that this place is full of spiritual energy. So, if we live here all year round, we can live to very old age.” She chuckled and then continued, “Oh ya, the Taylor family came here as well and everyone loves it, especially your Grandpa Taylor! He planned to retire here and not leave this place at all!”

Jack’s heart stopped a few beats after listening to Fiona’s words. An unsightly look scrawled up his face. Fiona and Andrew were his own parents-in-law, therefore it was still logical to bring them here. But it was strange to bring Old Master Taylor and the other Taylors here!

“And my father allows it?”

Jack frowned and asked.

Fiona bobbed her head. “Yes. He even asked his men to build a house over there for some of the Taylor family to live in. Your Father said that since there are not many of us, it won’t be a big deal. Besides, if some of the young martial artists of the Taylor family want to improve their status, they would help to purify their bodies so that they can train better!”

“Auntie, do you and Uncle want to train too?”

Daniella’s voice suddenly interrupted the conversation. After hearing the exchange, Daniella, without blinking her eyes, approached Fiona and popped the question. This was a golden opportunity to please her future parents-in-law! If they liked her and were happy with her, they would probably speak up for her in the future, then it would be more likely for Selena to accept her!

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