No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1250

“What’s wrong? You didn’t know Jack is my son?”

Nash lifted an eyebrow, confused about the current situation. Daniella followed his son back to the White family, but she did not know that Jack was his son? It seemed like this young woman had no evil thoughts.

Perhaps, Jack knew that she was kind-hearted and without wicked thoughts, only then he allowed her to follow him.

“I didn’t know! He didn’t tell me!”

Daniella rolled her eyes at Jack again. “Eh? Wait a minute! Don’t you have only one son, called Lance White?”

“Miss Cabello, I’ll explain it to you personally when I’m free later. As for why I didn’t tell you that I’m the son of the family head, it’s because you didn’t ask about me either!”

Jack gave a wan smile and replied.

Daniella chortled, “I thought that you might be the son of some elder or Patronum. I didn’t expect that your background is actually that noble!”

“By the way, Miss Cabello, may I know why you have come to visit the White family?”

Nash spoke out the doubts in his mind with a faint smile on his face.

“It just so happens that I encountered some strong b*stard in my journey; they captured me and Young Master Jack rescued me from their hands. Besides, I was curious about where the White family was, so I follow him to take a look!” Daniella chuckled in return.

Once the last word dropped, Daniella flipped her palm and two second-grade elementary spirited grass appeared in her grip. She then handed them to Nash and said, “Master White, this is my first visit to the White family and I didn’t prepare any good gift. These are just some small gifts, hope you would like it!”

“Second-grade elementary spirited grass?”

The two elders who were standing beside Nash exclaimed aloud and their eyes lit up at the appearance of the spirited grass. They rubbed their eyes, wondering if they had seen it wrongly. First-grade premium spirited grass was already considered as a relatively high-level treasure and a rare one; it was suitable for artists who were at the demi-god level or perhaps those who were at the early stage of the true god level.

As for this second-grade elementary spirited grass, the chi energy inside was several times more than the first-grade premium spirited grass! Such treasure was absolutely incredible.

The elders gulped at the second-grade spirited grass. Was this Third Young Mistress Cabello a little bit too generous? She could simply give only one stalk of spirited grass, but she gave two!

“This, this is too generous of you! Miss Cabello, such treasure is too precious to take!”

Nash thought that the spirited grass was too precious and expensive to accept. He shook his hands, refusing to take them.

“Oh no. If you don’t accept it, it means that you look down on the Cabello family. Or you secretly think that the gift is too petty?”

Daniella pouted and put on an angry expression on her face on purpose.

Nash sweated with awkwardness. This young little woman was a little too domineering, was not she? How could she actually use a provocative method on Nash?

Jack, on the other hand, chucked aside. “Father, just accept it. It represents Daniella’s sincerity too!”

“Alright then. I’ll take it. Thank you!”

Nash gave a warm smile, and only then did he take the spirited grass.

Jack turned to Joan and said, “Mother, by the way, Daniella said that the Cabello family has a treasure that allows people to train and become a martial artist without any side effects after drinking it. And she will find a way to get it for you, and also for parents-in-law!”

“What? Are you serious? But is it okay to take it?”

The words elevated Joan’s mood in an instant and she felt dizzy with excitement. She imagined such a treasure must be worth a lot. The White family did not even possess such a treasure, only the Cabello family had it. She truly did not know how to thank Daniella for such a treasure.

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