No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1252

“Hehe, thank you so much! I’ll go check out the place first!”

Daniella chortled happily as though she was a kid who got praises from her parents.

“Go ahead then. Jack, take Miss Cabello back to rest first, you guys must be tired from all the rushing to get back here!”

Nash nodded in satisfaction and instructed his son.

Jack then handed Kylie over to Joan and left with Daniella.

After the silhouette of the two disappeared from the group’s sight, Joan laughed and commented, “Miss Cabello seems to be a generous and benevolent person. She had already given us these spirited grass as a reward for Jack’s rescue. But she went the extra mile and promised to get us the Cabello’s treasure! This lady is truly a warm-hearted person!”

Nonetheless, Nash thought otherwise. “Why do I feel like there’s something more than friendship between Jack and Miss Cabello? It’s not as simple as good buddies. After all, the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water is not an ordinary treasure, and she is actually willing to steal it for us, moreover, three portions! Such an act has obviously gone beyond any kind of friendship, don’t you think?” he explained with a bitter smile on his face.

Joan rolled her eyes at Nash. “You must be overthinking. Miss Cabello is a few years younger than Jack. Moreover, Jack is already married and has Kylie! Miss Cabello certainly does not like Jack in a romantic way!” She huffed.

Joan paused for a moment before continuing, “After all, Jack saved her life from the brigands, and that act itself is more valuable than the precious water! If she wanted to repay Jack in such a way, it’s reasonable!”

“Maybe I am overthinking!”

Nash said with the corners of his mouth curled up.

Fiona, who was standing aside, had her eyes lit up brightly. “Master White, I heard that the Cabello family is much more powerful than the White family. They are ranked in the top three of the eight shadow families, right? So, if Jack could really get together with Miss Cabello, that’d be a great thing, isn’t it? And that will be a so-called strong union, am I right?”

“Well, it’s true that it’d be a great thing.” Nash smiled awkwardly at Fiona’s response. “But it’s highly unlikely for it to happen because we are not on good terms with the Cabello family. It’s considered a blessing for Jack to have a good relationship with Miss Cabello and ease the tension between the two families. But if you want Miss Cabello to marry Jack, it’s almost impossible. The Cabello family will not agree to it!”

Nash halted for a few seconds before continuing, “What’s more, Miss Cabello is young and there are plenty of powerful, wealthy, and talented young masters falling head over heels for her. Miss Cabello wouldn’t choose a married man—Jack and be his second wife!”

There was one elder in the crowd who stepped up at this time and reminded everyone, “We shouldn’t discuss this matter openly. We are merely relying on our own imagination and discussing excitedly, but what if Miss Cabello overheard us? She might not feel happy as she only sees Jack as a friend. If we talk about things like that without a basis and make her unhappy, that’d cause a problem!”

At this time, Jack and Daniella were pacing toward Jack’s residence. Along the way, he recounted the incident about the Third Elder, Lance, and Lily to fill Daniella in.

Daniella sighed loudly after listening to the story. “So you’re the illegitimate son of Master White. But you managed to reach the true god realm by yourself in the secular world! That’s amazing! Although Lance and I, our talents are not on the top of the list among the younger generation, we’re considered as talented masters too! I didn’t expect that my talent is nothing in front of you. Hehe!”

Jack chortled embarrassingly. “Nah, that’s not true. Your talent is excellent as well! After all, you’re a few years younger than me!”

The two of them were so engaged in their conversation that they did not realize that they had arrived at Jack’s residence.

Inside the residence, Elaine, Selena, Ben, and some others are chatting happily in the courtyard.

“Dear, you’re back! I didn’t expect you to be back so soon! I thought you might need a few more days!”

Selena shot up from the chair when she saw Jack and Daniella push the gate open and walked in. Selena’s mood lightened and a broad wide smile hung on her face.


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