No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1255

“It’s nothing. Martial practitioners always had to train in isolation for months. It can’t be helped, right?”

Selena smiled in return. “Alright, train well, dear. I’ll stop bothering you now. Hehe!”

Selena soon left the adobe. Jack then flipped his palm and took out three pills—all three pills were first-grade intermediate training pills!

Jack smiled as he looked at the three pills in front of him. These three pills could help him break through to the middle stage of the true god realm. After all, he was not too far away from the middle stage now.

Jack then put one of the pills into his mouth and swallowed them. Thick and inexhaustible energy then dispersed from Jack’s abdomen in an instant. The energy was immense, at the same time aggressive.

A gentle smile formed on Jack’s face when he felt the energy within him. He closed his eyes and started to control the energy in his body, channeling chi energy and gathering it in his abdomen. The chi energy formed a whirl in his abdomen, as though there was a tiny tornado in his body. The small whirl had slowly become bigger and bigger; Jack’s overall strength and power had increased as well.

The time passed by slowly, and soon the spirited energy inside the pills was fully absorbed by Jack, and the chi energy inside Jack obviously became stronger and more powerful than before!

He smiled faintly and threw the second pill into his mouth and swallowed. He repeated the training technique, absorbing the chi energy inside the pill.

It took almost two days for Jack to train and absorb all the energy from the three pills. Fortunately, his martial level had also broken through to the middle stage of the true god realm.

Jack steadily stood up, clenched his fists and his bone joints emitted a clear clicking sound. The robustness and strength of his body had obviously advanced a lot, and the inner power in his body was doubled or even tripled after the training; the mellowness of his chi energy had become richer and thicker two or three times than before.

“Hahaha! It feels really different to be in the middle stage of the true god realm. The feeling is too good, and my combat power is a lot greater than before!”

Jack smiled with satisfaction, and then he walked out of the room.

Selena—who was playing with Kylie outside the house—was surprised at the appearance of Jack at this time. “No way! How did you complete your training this quick? Have you succeeded yet? I’ve heard that it’s not that easy to reach the middle stage of the true god realm! And for some people who failed to break through, they’d have to rest for a while before they can continue to try again! And if you’re unfortunate, you might even be physically wounded!”

A ray of warm light surged in Jack’s heart when he saw Selena’s concerned look. “Don’t worry, dear. I’ve broken through to the middle stage of the true god realm!” He smiled and comforted.

“Wow! Wow! Daddy is definitely more powerful than before now!”

Kylie jumped for joy that her feet barely touched the ground.

“Hehe, my little Kylie, when you get a little bit older, you can start training, and in the future, you’ve to strive to be more powerful than daddy, okay?”

Jack picked up his daughter from the ground and gently pinched the little girl’s cute nose. His eyes were full of warm fatherly love.

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