No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1257

Daniella did not expect such words would come out of Selena’s mouth out of sudden. She stood frozen for a moment before peeking at Jack. “Don’t worry. Jack and I are good friends, we’ll definitely take care of each other! I’ll also ask my sister to go a little easy on Jack during the tournament!” Daniella nodded.

“Is your sister very powerful?”

Jack frowned upon hearing it. According to Daniella’s words and tone, it seemed that her sister was a strong martial practitioner; her martial level should be high.

“For this tournament, as long as you’re from the martial families and you’re below the age of thirty, you’re eligible to participate. I’m still young, so it’s normal for me to have a low martial level.”

Daniella smiled softly before saying, “But, my second sister, she’s at the early stage of the true god realm, and my elder sister, she is at the middle stage of the true god realm. Although she is similar to you, at the middle stage, she is only one step away from the late stage of the true god realm. She might break through to the late stage at any time. And her combat prowess and martial ability are among the top of those in the middle stage of the true god realm!”

Daniella shrugged as she spoke. “Hmmm. I’ll say more about my second sister, but my elder sister, she is too strong for you. It’s nearly impossible for you to defeat her.” She added.

“I see. Thanks for the reminder. But I don’t think your sisters will listen to you and go easy on me.”

Jack gave a dry smile. Although the Lagorio family had not been finding fault with them lately, the affair that happened between the Lagorio family and the White family had seemed to spread out.

Therefore, this time round in the tournament, he felt that the Lagorio family and some of the forces would most likely target them. He was not confident to say that there would not be any issue during the tournament.

Especially, those forces and families—who were about the same level with the White family before the White became one of the eight families—would certainly be jealous of the White family. They could not wait to pull the White family down from the first-class shadow families!

“Huh? Nah. My elder sister and second sister love me the most. If I talk to them personally, it shouldn’t be a problem!”

Daniella pursed her rosy pink lips and said, “Sigh! I have to work hard too and strive to break through to the early stage of the true god realm. I can’t always use my young age as an excuse to be lazy!” She sighed.

“Cough, cough! Looking at you, I guess you have been loafing on the job.”

Jack teased Daniella after hearing what she said. The young girl before him sometimes emitted a youthful and cuteness in her words and behaviors that made Jack feel something different in him.

“Hehe! Yup, but just a little! Well. Sometimes, training is kind of boring!”

Daniella giggled.

Time flies by quickly and soon three days had passed.

During these three days, Daniella would come over to talk to Jack and Selena whenever she was free and would even purposely please Selena by telling her some insights about martial training and technique.

Finally, after three days, the day had come. Together with Nash and Jack, there were many Elders of the White family, as well as some other White family members. They set off in the morning.

“Sigh! If the Third Elder hadn’t thought about mutiny and had broken through to the peak of the true god realm, we would now have two strong people at the peak of the true god realm. And we can finally hold our heads up high in this tournament. Now, after the incident, not only did we not improve our family’s overall strength and power, but we also regressed a lot!”

On the way to the tournament, the First Elder breathed a huge sigh and added, “And I’m afraid that this time the target will be on our backs. Many forces and families will target us.”

Nash, however, put on a sanguine face. “It’s alright, it’s fine. I have faith in our family. We will be strong very soon!”

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